Thursday, June 30, 2011



Can you guess what's the biggest trend is coming our way?

Menswear + 1920's + Disco = Dolce&Gabbana

Menswear + M&M's + "Valley of the Dolls" = Pucci by Elle Magazine

Menswear + Military + Fierce = Alexander McQueen

If you see me sporting something similar to these outfiteys, you know which designer inspired me:


Celine designer Phoebe Philo never disappoints!

If your guess was masculin féminin, spin-a-win!

Shoppingera, what's your favorite meswear-inspired piece?

Readers' Recipes


I know, I know, I have to update my blog soon! Please excuse me as I've been busy with work, family, and my projects. Typhoon "Falcon" has left me with a flood of rescheduled appointments! Haaaay!

Anyway, allow me to thank everyone who sent me "Readers' Recipes" food shots, photos of books/shoes/etc that you guys bought upon my recommendation, Twitter messages, and a whole lot of sweet emails! I'm very grateful to have amazing readers like you!

From: Carina Samaniego

My dear Carina,
Thanks for your email and all the beautiful food shots you sent me! Best in photography ka, sis! I love all of them!

"This recipe is inspired by Ms. Jenni Epperson’s Century Corned Tuna Open-Face Dimsum. What I love about her recipe is: 1. Super easy, yummy and budget-friendly. 2. Since Centrury Corned Tuna is flavorful, no need to add a lot of seasoning. You can taste the mixture without cooking a sample, unlike when using raw meat. I used the Chili Corned Tuna variant and added kinchay. I hope you guys will try this :)"
"Yet another easy recipe c/o Ms Jenni Epperson and Century Tuna. Had this for lunch on this rainy Thursday. I used Centry Tuna Hot and Spicy for the extra kick :) I am now a certified suki of Ms Jenni’s recipes!"

From: @shirleylim26 @jenniepperson, girl, here's my version of century tuna ala king courtesy of you of course! Thanks! 

Dear @shirleylim26,
Wow! Ulam ang peg! What happened to the toast cups? Haha!
Bakit may na-spotted akong peanut butter d'yan? I hope you didn't add that to your recipe. LOL
Your dish seems very creamy and yummy!

From: @LiezlAquino it's done it's done! super thank you to @jenniepperson for sharing this recipe! healthy and yummy! :)

Hi @LiezelAquino!
Despite the blurry shot, I can see that you used fresh tomatoes in your recipe. Winner!

From: @che_caparas I recreated jenniepperson's Tuna Farfalle. :)

Hi @che_caparas!
Parang na-excite ka sa fresh basil, haMeron ka bang herb garden? Haha! 
I love the colorful plate you used!

From: @Anabella25 @jenniepperson thanks for this yummy recipe! I couldn't find dried tomatoes so I used fresh ones ;)

Dear @Anabella25,
Aba, aba, very, very similar ang food shot mo from mine nakapatong din ang cracker on the edge of the container! I lav et!
Best in presentation ka!
Thank you!

From: @trinalgorayb:

Dear @trinalgorayeb,
I also learn a lot from parenting books.
I'm sure with the love and guidance of your family, your son will conquer his fears and will grow-up to be a well-rounded person. Moms rock!

From my friend, Mons Romulo:

Thank you, sis! You look more fabulous than ever!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep your letters and photos coming!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Top 5 “Bang for your Buck”


With the rainy season at hand, "bed" weather has never felt this good!

If you’ve shopped on a rainy Friday/Payday, you'd know the drill: you spend hair-pulling hours, sitting in traffic. To entertain yourself, you upload "I-am-going-crazy-with-this-traffic" photos on Twitter. Then, you spend more time looking for parking, uploading more "I-am-going-crazy-looking-for-parking" photos and end up deleting them anyway because well, it's not funny anymore. When you finally get inside the mall, you have to wait in line again to buy movie tickets, order your meal, pay for shopping, and must I go on?

When you consider the gas and time you spent, don't you wish you never left the comforts of your home?

Shopping online gives shoppers the ease and convenience of buying your favorite brands without going through the "rainy Friday" ordeal.

Here's my Top 5 “Bang for your Buck” deals from Bayo's online shop:

Cool weather wardrobe:


To shop for more, click here.

How to purchase online:

Shoppingera, bust out your jackets and cardis, it's going to be chilly this week!

Makeup Competition


Here's a chance to "flex" your makeup brushes and hone your creativity:

Shoppingero/shoppingera, join now!

Sunday, June 26, 2011



I'm proud to be working with an amazing company and an awesome team!

Century Tuna rocks!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, eat healthy!



What do I think of the new "eychenem" collab with Versace?
As Donatella would say, "Of course..."

\m/ "Rukenrol!" \m/

Shoppingera, who's ready for Versace x H&M?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Disco Shoes


First, it was the attack of the bell-bottom pants. Then it was the return of the giant floppy hat. Now, the disco shoes. The 70's trend is truly in the air!

Even Preview's Best Dressed Ball's theme this year is "Disco" so if you're looking for the final touch to your Studio 54 jumpsuit or your Halston or (Halston-esque) dress, I suggest you trot to Powerplant Mall, Rockwell and raid CMG's latest collection:

Shiny disco shoes!
Hypnotic heels @.@
Galit sa Swarovski?
Kakalula pero comfy! Haha!
Aside from shiny Disco shoes, CMG has cool brogues too...

as well as "everyday" shoes...

and sky-high heels...


Guess who I bumped into while shopping for shoes? Tatler Magazine's fashion editor Nina Estacio!


Not CMG but very 70's style
CMG's Mitzi Joy Tan

*The Disco shoes are exclusively available at CMG Powerplant Mall.

Shoppingera, run, don't walk, shop at CMG now!

Happy Pride!


Just a few hours ago, New York legislators approved same-sex marriage:

Congrats mga sis!

Let's celebrate!

From: @kylieminogue

From: @thinkprogress "Empire state building goes rainbow"

From: @itsjeremyscott

From my friend @nixalanon who is now studying in New York:

From my proud gay friend, @jigsmayuga:

Flag ceremony!

 From the Eppersons:

Happy Pride!
Thank you Aryanna for making this! T-shirt and bag na ito! Abangan!

Because of this, the wedding industry will flourish even more! Imagine gay weddings—BONGGA!

 Shoppingero/shoppingera, choose love!
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