Monday, April 25, 2011

My Top 5 Picks


Welcome to a new category on my blog: "My Top 5 Picks"

I will update you with cool finds, yummy treats, and anything that's worth checking out!

1. Holly's Farm Fresh Milk
Nothing beats fresh milk! Have fresh milk delivered at your doorsteps weekly. Visit to find the nearest distributor.
I say, once you go fresh...
2. Skin Food Lime Secret Shine
Get J.Lo's glow with this makeup base. Use it to highlight your cheekbones and add a touch of shimmer on your chin. You'll love the lime scent too!

3. Tom Binns is love.
Irish designer Tom Binns' signature tough-luxe aesthetic blends contemporary elegance with directional detailing. His designs are infused with playful, punk spirit. I hope Adora or Firma can bring in Tom Binns!
4. Pocket-size Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing
24 hour moisturisation with vitamine E, soya, and oat extracts
Hydrate your skin this summer!
5. Spend time with your loved ones outdoors. Visit your local park.
If it gets too hot, you can always take refuge at the nearest frozen yogurt joint!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, share with all of us your top five picks!


Anonymous said...

Is Holly's milk creamy? I love creamy milk like the ones I used to drink abroad.. kinda similar to Anlene concentrate only not as sweet as that cos that's too sweet lol! So ye, thanks! (:

upto6onyl said...

great picks. thanks for sharing Ms. Jenni

Maddie said...

Hi Ms. Jenni! I agree with you about vaseline :) it smells great too!

Joyce said...

your blog is such an inspiration! keep on writing! :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

COOL! I love this new section. I want to share some of my top picks too!

1. Mojito Gelato at the sorry-I-forgot-the-gelateria in Venice Piazza at McKinley. I love Mojitos. I must make singit also of the unlimojitos in TGIF's.

2. Topsiders. The old is definitely coming back.

3. All-white ensemble. Because summer and white just looks good together.

4. Coke Zero. My everyday poison. A day is not complete without a bottle of ice cold Coke. Zero for the at risk for Diabetes like me.

5. Os bone accessories. Eclectic and so primitively beautiful. Perfect for the Fashion Week (ooooh, I hope I do get invites :|)

Ciao Ms. Jenni! Loving your vlog everyday!

Burnt Raisin said...

Hi! Just dropping by to tell you I soo love your new photos in your banner head. =)

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