Monday, July 25, 2011

This Is For All Of You


First of all, thanks to everyone who tuned in on my "reveal".

Finally, the time has come to announce my first project for the year!

Ladies, gentlemen, and gheys, welcome to my dream:

Shoppingero/shoppingera, visit my new website!


Czarina Maye said...

Love your new website! :) Kaso lang how will we be able to comment in your new blog? Or will you keep this blogspot? Congrats Ms. Jenni! ;)

Rae said...

Cool--and you imported your previous blog entries. Yey.

Unknown said...

Hi Ms Jenni,

Congratulations on your new blogsite. A more chic-easy-to-access site. Hope this note finds you well amidst the rainy season nowadays. Just got back from Dumaguete today, and when I enter our office lobby (NET Bldg, BGC), there's an ad there on a free photography workshop to be lecture by the genius Tom Epperson. I hurriedly read and found out that the registration should be before July 27. Called up the the Net Group office and found out that they already reach the allowable participants. It really break my heart because I really wanted this session with Mr Epperson, since the day I begun reading ur blogs and the day I saw his Batanes Photo Gallery at ROX BHS. I hope the NET group can still accomodate me because Im really disappointed I miss this opportunity.


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