Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can't Get You Out Of My Head


This. Is. Epic.

I think it's cool that Kylie retweeted my blog.
I didn't even know she did this until a few minutes ago as I was at a pre production meeting for a print ad I'm working on. Thanks to those who gave me the heads up on Twitter!

Excuse me, I need to do this now that my meeting's done: *screams* *doing the "Locomotion"*


First of all, I'd like to thank my BFF Tim Yap for making one of my dreams come true! 

 From the bottom of my disco shoes, thanks Tim for the Kylie concert ticket! 
I love you! Alam mo yaaaaan!

I wish I could bottle my emotions last night but instead, cue music na lang: "C'mon baby, do the locomotiooooon!" Haha!

I'm going to stop now as when it comes to copies and blurbs, I am queen (and Tim is King)! Because I'm still high from last night's concert, every sentence I type might get "Kylie"-fied! LOL

Eto na, ubusan ng pictures:

Ladies, gentlemen and gheys, I bring you mga "Kampon ni Kylie":

 From left: The front acts. Yet again, Tessa Valdes did NOT come prepared! Haha! 
Bang "Cropchina" Pineda with Vice Gandaaa!

 Globe's Dong "Gladiator" Ronquillo and IC Mendoza (na may kasamang kyoot date! Ikaw na!)

The KK's ("Kampon ni Kylie)

 Republic of Kyleh!

Pasok sa bangga ang feathers!

 Boys like Kylie too!

 If you're a mowdel and you know it, say "KYLIE!!!"

 This is the pose I get from my friend and Preview magazine editor in chief Pauline Juan because I told her something she didn't want to hear. Haha! I love you, mads!

Naku, naku, humanda kayo! Eto na talaga!

 Dive into Kylie's world!

 Shell kung shell!


 Horse kung horse!

 Daming bukakabelles! Haha!

The million-feather skirt

Varekai meets Kylie! LOL

Ayan na! Hindi na kinaya, bumaba na si "God"! Haha!

Goodness gracious! Can you feel it?

Peg: Golden warrior

Amen, sister!
Peg: Gift wrapper. Haha! This was my favorite outfitey! 

 I love Kylie's Swarovski-encrusted Louboutins!  
Bang, hanapin mo yung stocking ni Kylie for me please!

Very, very ati-atihan lang ang peg! Ay, swak din ang denim shorts attire ko kagabi sa number na 'to! Alam mo yan, Bang "Cropchina" Pineda!

Ubusan ng pearls!

Mirrors and capes ang ending!

I'm so glad I captured this moment on my cam! Boom!

Kylie Minogue's concert was magical! It was fun, entertaining, and Kylie was so sweet! It's the best concert I've seen!

I kept some of the gold confetti! Teehee!

Parting shot:

My Kylie (original) T-shirt and the "Kylie" earrings that I wore to the concert.

Photo taken with Instagram, follow me: jenniepperson

Dear Tim,

Busy-busyhan ka with showbiz stuff last night after the concert that's why we don't have a photo togetherrr! Anyway, alam mo na yon! Ehem... Ehem... ;D

Next, Madonna!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, if you love Kylie, sing "Especially for youuuuuu"!


arman said...

I wasn't able to watch the concert but through your blog it feels like I'm also there!...i heart u KYLIE!!!..Thank u Ms. Jenni!!

Mom-Friday said...

This looked like a super bonggaycious concert! :)
Thanks for sharing your photos...I still hear the "Especially for you" song running in my mind! LSS! :)

Tin Tin said...

thanks for sharing ms. jennie! feeling ko nanuod na din ako at nakita ko ang bukakabelles, horse at lalo na si God! hahaha =)

Sana nga si Madonna na ang next =)

Anonymous said...

normal outfit naman ni Miss Tessa yan, but she could win if it's a Lady gaga concert hehe

Joyce said...

Hi Ms. Jennnie, I'm lucky to be one of those who was able to watched the Kylie concert.. All I can say is BONGGA!!! And thanks for sharing your photos at least I can relieve my Kylie experience. Sayang sana I was able to see you in person.. :)

Sarah said...

Nakakasilaw ung Kylie photos! LOL.

Okay i'll go cry in envy naooo T____T

Arlu said...

Hi Jenni! I super enjoyed this post! Love your captions... "Bumaba na si God." Hahaha! Hope you're doing well! Big hug! :)

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