Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've Got Mail


Hi everyone! I will be updating my site soon, I'm just wrapping up a busy week.

You guys always make my day with all your heartwarming messages. I feel so blessed to have amazing readers! Thanks for all the emails and tweets!

"You already!"

"Hi! I made a blog for you. I love all your posts! You're the best!
It's about my love for cooking. It also has tips and recipes. Thank you :)
Keep on inspiring us."
My blog:

Dear Medz,

Grabe lang ang "blog dedication" mo! Me already! Haha!
Your passion for cooking and food is awesome but what's even more admirable is that you do it to "make people smile". Making others happy through cooking is pure joy.

Remember: Cooking is empowering!

Medz' specialty: Lasagna
This dish looks decadent! Butter kung butter talaga? LOL! I love bechamel sauce on lasagna!

Medz' version of Paella
Pansinin ang giant crab claw and prawns! Excellent presentation! Very festive looking! Happy fiesta!

From : Camille
"Please check this Ms.Jenni:
Love much!"

Dear Camille,

This is what I call "leveling!" Tarush naman ng mga pegs mo! Haha!

Michelle Williams

Emma Watson

 Looks familiar?
Thank you Mother Henri Calayag for my pixie cut!

Camille's new crop! Kyoot!
Love your 'do!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep your letters, food shots, and readers' recipes coming!


Medz Medina said...

Yeah Butter kung butter tlga! Haha. Nakuha ko yun kay Mario Batali. Infairview, mas bongga siya. Haha. Thank you for taking time to read it.
You really inspired me. I'm really working my ass off right now just to get to culinary school. And You're one of my inspirations. I'll strive harder.

P.S: Ako ba ang nag cause ng post mo sa twitter ng about mispelling your name? Haha. I corrected it naman. Haha.

Thank you again. This made me smile :)

Pearl said...

Love your pixie cut. I am fan! I used to see you at Glorietta everyday, when they still have streetlife and BE store at glorietta 2. Used to see you carrying a lot of shopping bags. More power! www

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