Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Top 5 Picks


I just want to share with you some of my pantry essentials. Some are regular "add to grocery cart" items and new finds as well:

Suncoast Lightwater, in my opinion, is a genius product! You get the electrolytes you need without sugar that is added to other rehydration drinks. I pack this for Tom's surfing trips and in Aryanna's lunch bag whenever she has P.E. Of course, fresh buko juice is nature's best rehydration drink!
I don't know how much money I've saved from buying chai tea drinks from coffee shops ever since I've discovered Coffee Bean's Chai Tea Whole Leaf Tea bags! It's the best tasting chai tea I've had compared to other tea bags available in the grocery. I can even make a mean iced chai tea soy latte by mixing HomeSoy soy milk from S&R.
My favorite Royce Nama Chocolate is the Champagne flavor. Aryanna made me try her new favorite Strawberry flavor and I have to agree with her that it's delish! The subtle hint of strawberry in the nama choco adds a fruity delight in every bite!
I love fizzy beverages! Try gingerale instead of soft drinks. My favorite is Schweppes Gingerale but it's always out of stock in the grocery. Mixmate Gingerale is a yummy option!
As you know, Century Tuna is one of my sponsors and I am really happy with this partnership as they have superior products! I just recently tried Century Tuna Calamansi and I'm hooked! Great tuna lime flavor for the Eppersons' burito recipes! You must try this!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what's in your pantry?


Marga said...

My husband and I also buy tea at Coffee Bean, we love the Genmaicha Green Tea, it has roasted rice in it :)

frustrated in the kitchen said...

Hi Miss Jenni,

Century Tuna with Calamansi is bomb! I usually heat it up in a pan, add a dash of salt & pepper and some lemon, and put it on top of my rice. Parang rice topping lang cya. My almost-4 year old loves it because of the tangy flavor the lemon & calamansi brings.

Anonymous said...

Is light water from the same company that makes Smart Water? packaging/ logo is almost similar I had to read it twice.

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