Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cultivate Chivalry


I want to get this book. I hope National Book Store brings it in.

Here's a summer read for parents raising sons:

How To Raise A Gentleman A Civilized Guide To Helping Your Son Through His Uncivilized Childhood By Kay West

I want my son to grow up independent but with one eye open for the needs of other people, especially women, around him.

I also want girls to "melt" at my son's chivalrous intentions. LOL

Shoppingera,  is chivalry dead?

1 comment:

Nacho Bing said...

thanks for the heads-up ms jenni. would want to have this book - as i have 4 boys. i really take time talaga to teach them manners, how to be polite and to be true gentlemen to the point nga na sobrang nina-nag ko sila at litanya ever ako. these days, sadly, chivalry seems dead :(

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