Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hunter Rain Boots


As some of you may know, I love wearing boots. I think they look great on me and that's all that matters. Who cares if some people think it's O.A. to wear them in the tropics? I'm always in an airconditioned room anyway. Besides, I have the legs to pull it off.

If you're the type that cares of what other people think but loves wearing boots, here are the only boots you can wear this rainy season without getting any flack from Maureen Disini. LOL! Love you Maureen, alam mo yan!

Thanks to these women, rubber boots have never looked this cool:

 Ashley Olsen

 Kate Moss

 Angelina Jolie, 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'

 The original Hunter Tall Wellington boots in green and black

The neon Cambridge of shoes...

For the society ghels: Jimmy Choo x Hunter croc print wellies

I want this! Hunter moto rubber boots

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who loves to wear boots? Raise your legs...


C h e l l o g s said...

dear ms. jenni,

I love boots! I had several... but the one i missed most is my black dr. martens. I still want one but unfortunately dr. martens closed their shop in the philippines.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! :) lov em'

Anonymous said...

do we have those boots here sa manila? where to buy and how much? thanks! :)

the fash pack said...

sorry, maureen, but we're with jenni on this! in our opinion, rain boots are VERY appropriate for the philippines BUT only when it's raining! more people should wear them! (sana nga lang afford namin ang choos lol)

Jenni Epperson said...

to the fash pack,

hahaha! liza!
true, bawal naka rain boots pag walang ulan!

mwadeeb said...

i love boots! people expect me to wear boots whatever the weather! lol! agree that the rain boots are very appropriate for our country. for those who like to get cute galoshes without the hefty price .. sm sells them in bubble gum pink with cute polka dots :)

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