Monday, May 9, 2011

Pacquiao VS. Mosley: Fight Night


More Pacquiao update from my friend, Lounell!

Thanks so much for all the Pacman updates! You're the best!

Pasok, Lounell!

Last night was "Fight Night" and as expected, Manny Pacquiao was victorious again! It actually turned into a one man show with Pacquiao clearly dominating the whole 12 rounds against Sugar Shane Mosley.

The Arena was completely sold out. Even up to the last minute, people outside were still hoping to score from scalpers. It was just crazy.

The fight, well, let's just say that it's not the most exciting fight that I've seen. It doesn't come close to the fights of Pacquiao against Hatton, Cotto, dela Hoya, and Margarito. It was not MP's fault. He did his job. Sugar Shane didn't.

Some of those in attendance were Paris Hilton, Holly Robinson, Peter Bergin, and former Heavyweight champion Lenox Lewis (who was behind us, very cool and nice guy!) The Pinoy VIPs: Mike Arroyo, Joe and Gina de Venecia, family of Bong Revilla, KC Montero, Raymond Gutierrez, and a lot more were there to support Manny.

After the fight, Manny went to the fight press conference at the MGM then did the usual media interviews after. And with much energy to boot, at around 2am, Manny joined his MP Band at the Mandalay Events Center for his after party concert.

Hope you like the photos!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what do you think about the Pacquiao VS. Mosley fight?


Gawad Kalinga HQ said...

Hello Ms. Jenni,

This is Maymay from Gawad Kalinga Headquarters. We saw here that your friend, Lounell, (I'm a follower of your blog!!) was able to take a photo with the Gawad Kalinga flag being waved on stage yesterday. Though this seems like a "suntok sa buwan" request, we would like to ask if it's okay that we ask for a copy of this photo. We have all been very, very excited that Manny Pacquiao announced his fight against poverty with GK. We were hoping that we can find a photo/s of the GK flag being waved before or after Manny's fight and your blog is an answered prayer! Hope you will consider our request.

Thank you Ms. Jenni and keep inspiring thru your blogs. :D


Jenni Epperson said...

Hi Maymay!

Sure! I will just have to add a small watermark of my URL below the photo, if that's OK with you.
May I ask what are you going to use it for?
What's your email address?


Maymay GK HQ said...

Hi Ms. Jenni!

Yeeey! We wouldn't mind at all. We would want to post it on our social media accounts, on our website (, and in an upcoming GK video. Hope that's okay. We'd be sure to link them back to your blog when we'll post them in our FB (, twitter (@GawadKalingaHQ) and website. Please email to

Thank you,

rozenda said...

dis is my first tym to visit a blog i super duper like your blog keep on posting

Maymay GK HQ said...

Hi Ms. Jenni,

Sorry po ang kulit ko. Would like to follow up po sana about the above photo with GK flag. Please send to Baka kasi din nagkamali kayo ng send if ever you've sent it tapos di ko natanggap. No need to publish this comment though.

Thank you, thank you!

God Bless,

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