Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pacquiao VS. Mosley


As some of you may know, my BFF Lounell (follow him on for more Pacman updates) has an "all-access pass" to Manny Pacquiao (read: close sila). One of the perks of being best friends is that he is forced to give me first dibs on any Pacman updates. Haha!

Thanks, Lounell!

Ladies, gentlemen, and gheys, tune in to my blog for more Pacquiao VS. Mosley fight!

Pasok, Lounell!

Hi Jen!

It's fight week once again and I am now here in the Sin City to witness yet another historic fight of the "People's Champ" Manny Pacquiao!

MP being interviewed by TV5

MP arrived here late Monday night with his whole team while I arrived Tuesday afternoon. I thought it was still going to be a bit tamed, but when i went up to his suite Tuesday night, I couldn't believe that so many people were there already waiting for Pacman to come out of his room! Usually it gets busy like Thursday or Friday, but I've noticed that it gets crazier every fight week now. It goes to show how popular our Filipino pride is right now!

MP at the dinner table at his suite with Me, Jake Joson, Liza and Johnny Elorde (the son of the great Flash Elorde) and singer composer Lito Camo

Obligatory shot. LOL

MP (and myself too) is billeted at the posh The Hotel at Mandalay Bay and is staying at his usual floor. They gave him an even bigger suite now, 3 bedrooms, 2 living room areas, a 12-seater dining area, a game room (with a pool table and a huge entertainment system), a massage room, a gym, and his own private elevator!
MP's living room
The suite's game room

Even with a big suite, the room can't accomodate the many friends of Manny who wants to see him. Like I've been there 2 nights in a row and it's ALWAYS full! In fact, just tonight, Mandalay Bay had to put already their own security team outside his room to control the influx of people.

MP is looking great and he looks like he's all ready for fight night! No problem with his weight, in fact, he even eats 2 dinners a day (one at 7pm and another at 9pm) and eats whatever he feels like.

The only problem of Manny right now....TICKETS! Yes, MP himself has a huge problem because there is a shortage of tickets since the Arena can only hold 18,000 seats (unlike Dallas Stadium with 70,000 seats). It's completely sold out! Thank God MP gave me my tickets already! lol!

That's it for now! Will update you again soon!


Shoppingero/shoppingera, where will you be watching the Pacquiao VS. Mosley fight?

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