Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Instagram!


Goodbye Tumblr, hello Instagram!

What is the Instagram?

It's a simple photo-taking and photo-sharing app that has taken over Silicon Valley and is filling our Twitter feed with fun, cute photographs.

You can get it for free from Apple's App Store.

What's it for?

First, Instagram is for taking pictures, adding filters to make them look retro, and then for sharing them with sites like Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Here's how to sign-up.

I've been uploading like a mad woman on Instagram! Haha! It's really my new Tumblr. I don't post all my Instagram photos on Twitter but if you're on Instagram, you'll be able to view my entire feed.

Here's a sneak peek to what I've uploaded so far:


"Eye style"

"Put. The. Phone. Down."
Aryanna obsessing over my new phone. LOL

"I can't wait to bring Dylan to Disneyland!"

Sadly, Instagram is only for iPhones, iPad, iTouch users. I wish Blackberry and other phones have the same app.

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LOONEY said...

I LOVE INSTAGRAM! and i love your photos there!

Alexis said...

Followed you ms.jenny.! Love the Kate spade case.! Enjoy instagraming.!! Instagram (or IG as we call it) is very addicting.! :)

robbie dinglasan said...

Jen you just discovered Instagram now? Welcome to the wonderful world of postcards! Follow me-robbieding!

Joyce Ang said...

welcome to Instagraaaaam! :)
follow me : "iamjhay" thankkkkk you!

Vera said...

Instagram is what sold me on iPhone 4. i was a BB user too who recently converted to iPhone :) I'll follow you on Instagram too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms.Jenni, I like instagram but have u tried taking pictures using the Lemme Lemme app.? It's fun and cool to use also cause there's so much varities to choose from! :)

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