Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Top 5 Picks


I know some of you (yes, Aryanna, I'm talking about you) are not over the fact that someone has already won the Apple iPhone 4. If it makes you feel better, the winner lost her mobile phone last week and is using her mom's phone at the moment.

Anyway, as I wrote on my last "Jennirosity Day" post, the good news is, my next giveaway is something more fabulous than the Apple iPhone 4! Hindi n'yo 'to kakayanin. LOL

Now, back to regular programming...

Rustan's Deli's Double Smoked Bacon
Sunday brunch is not complete without bacon. Aminin! But not all bacons are created equally.

The Eppersons love Rustan's Deli's Double Smoked Bacon!
Tip: Have them slice the meat a tad thicker than the regular bacon so they don't crumble when you cook them.
We love the smoky flavor of this bacon! It's saltier than the pre-packaged ones we buy so a few strips are enough.

Zwilling J.A. Henckles Complete Book of Knife skills, The Essential Guide to Use, Techniques & Care by Jeffrey Elliot & James P. DeWan
If you're like me who wants to learn how to properly use a knife, chop, mince, cut, etc. this book is very helpful and easy to follow.

Zwilling J.A. Henckles knife company produced their very own book

Monsters Production
I have to say kudos to the people behind Monsters Production, Charmagne Palermo and William Hsu for their creative invitations!

From left: An X-Ray invite for  Healthy Back Bag and a BBQ sauce invite for a backyard party for Kickers

Bounty Fresh Specialty Eggs
Eggs rule the Eppersons' breakfast. The only time we don't buy eggs is when they are disgustingly covered in chix poop. If you do the grocery, you will know what I mean.

Bounty Fresh Specialty Eggs

Who cares if Bounty Fresh eggs are "Enriched with Vitamin E" or forget about that instead of the typical one-dozen pack, it only comes in 10's, just take a look at how clean-looking they are. No poop, no chances of getting sick.

Clean, beautiful eggs
I am just as excited as some of you are to read my daughter's blog! I think her posts are cool! She promised to update her blog three times a day so let's all tune in!

I think it's cool that Aryanna uses a comic book style of layout for her blog posts.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who does the grocery for your family?


scarlet's walk said...

looking forward for the next giveaway. i hope hope hope i win it....

belle said...

i love Aryanna's blog!! super cute style!

rowena martinez said...

thank you, ms. jenni and century tuna for that free iphone4 for a fellow follower. Nagbibigay po kayo ng pag asa. Sana next time laptop naman baka sakaling maswertehan ko pra maka browse ulit. I'm using cp right now kasi pag maka update sa news about piolo and kc.

Dami po talagang matutunan sa blog nyo. Thanks po!

Kitten said...

the bounty fresh eggs are much more yellow than the regular eggs we have.

upto6only said...

hmmm much better than iphone4.. so it's ipad2? lol

Mom-Friday said...

I am also guessing iPad2! :) hate to admit but it's an awesome gadget.
I also want to learn knife skills and OWN a good set of knives!
I also use Bounty, Organic Selenium Eggs naman ako :)
Finally, Aryanna's creativity shines!

Paul Jeffrey said...

Im so sad I didn't win the Apple iPhone 4.. Congrats to the winner!!! I will still follow this blog for more cool topics and for the next giveaways... -@pjrp11

Tess said...

Hi Ms Jenni,

I love your blog. I also Super Like your Meatless Friday series. My 8-year old daughter likes Century Corned Tuna. I usually cook it with potatoes. But now, I have new recipes to try. Thanks to you :)

I also love Aryanna's blog. It's cute :)

More Power.

Anonymous said...

I felt a little bit jealous to the girl who won the iphone but felt happy after... hehe. just kiddin.

they're probably not meant to be. poor girl.

looking forward to your giveaway!

and oh! i love aryanna's blog! ;) buti she has all the time in the world to take photos and edit the layout pa. hehe. dedicated!

michelle dela cruz said...

don't have a tumblr account e -- i can't access her blogs...

Anonymous said...

where can i purchase the book (Zwilling J.A. Henckles Complete Book of Knife skills, The Essential Guide to Use, Techniques & Care by Jeffrey Elliot & James P. DeWan)
thanks in advance

Jenni Epperson said...

To "Anonymous"

"Zwilling J.A. Henckles Complete Book of Knife skills, The Essential Guide to Use, Techniques & Care" by Jeffrey Elliot & James P. DeWan is available at National Book Store.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much, i hope i will be able to get one...

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