Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nuts for Coconuts


Just when I thought M&M's couldn't get better with their M&M's Mint, check out their new flavor!

Good morning, Cricket Tantoco! I have another request from Rustan's/Shopwise grocery:

M&M's Coconut
The power of coconut and chocolate combined! Aaaaaaaa!

If you ask my family, they would tell you that I don't like fruits. I could eat ripe mangoes but they are fattening so scratch that. Cold seedless grapes are OK for me but it's not something I would go out and buy for myself (just for Tom and Aryanna). But I do have a favorite fruit and that is coconut! I love it! I drink coconut juice to replenish my electrolytes when working out. I eat the meat fresh or in any food or pastries. As heat busters, I also crave for coconut gelato/froyo/sorbet!

Our family blog is even named after Aryanna's and my favorite fruits: Ichigo and Buko. Which I have yet to find the time to update since I have hundreds of photos to upload! Argh!

Anyway, I am nuts about coconuts!

From left: Coconut gelato from Gelatissimo and Golden Spoon in Island Coconut flavor frozen yogurt

The only yogurt flavor I like!
Remember the mini coconut scones Aryanna made for our Royal Tea Party? So yummy!

I really hope Rustan's and Shopwise bring M&M's Coconut soon!

Shoppingero/shopingera, what is your favorite fruit?


Joyce Hao said...

I hope they could also bring M&M's Pretzel.. Been looking for it in duty free shops but no luck.. huhuhu.. :(

Anonymous said...

this flavor looks yumm :)
but may I ask where were you able to get the M&M Mint flavor? :)is it available in Shopwise or Rustans?

thanks Jenni!
P.S. Happy Anniversary & keep inspiring us!

Anonymous said...

have you tried getting them from M&Ms World? They offer a ton of different flavors/variants that aren't commonly available in Mla. Best thing about it is you can buy in grams.

Anonymous said...

If I may suggest, try to look for Nathaniel's buko pandan. :) They're originally from Pampanga but now they have stocks na rin in some SM hypermart groceries.

Promise, you guys will love it. ;)

Honey said...

you'll like this coconut/chocolate combination that is 'BOUNTY'. best eaten when chilled :)

Doctor Kelly said...

I hope they do bring the coconut M&M's soon! My dad loves chocolate and coconuts too; he absolutely hoards all the Almond Joy bars when he sees them. :P

scarlet's walk said...

my mouth watered for the Coconut gelato

teenay.tinapay said...

"I want to win an Apple iPhone 4 from Century Tuna" + @iam_teenay + Kristina Marie Indangan + sesa_xyris18@yahoo.com

Charlene said...

why dont they have that flavor yogurt option in the US!

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