Saturday, April 9, 2011

Colored Hair Antidote


The moment that J.Lo stepped up onto the stage of American Idol sporting her golden locks, she has women wanting to get the honey-blond dye!

Jenny's hair color is the perfect hue for her bronze bod. The golden highlights reflect the spotlight and the textured hairstyles add "oomph" to her look. So, it's no surprise that girls started attacking their favorite salon to get the "Jennifer Lopez" hair tint!

J. Lo's hairstyles in American Idol:

From left: one-sided dripping curls and the "Niagra Falls" of curls

The J. Lo "Ultimate currrls!" Rar.

So, now that you've achieved your desired J. Lo locks how do you keep the color long-lasting?

Here's the answer:

Chroma Sensitive is the 1st anti-fading cleansing balm to wash hair without washing away color.
Chroma Sensitive is an ultra-gentle, low-foaming creamy formula that reduces friction on the hair fiber, keeping the surface smooth, locking in color and boosting radiance.
Directions: Apply Chroma Sensitive during the first 3 shampoos after color treatment, then alternate usage with regular Réflection Bain and Masque.

I swear by Kérastase products. My favorite is their Volumactive line — Kérastase volumizing treatments add volume and fullness to fine hair. I also used to color my hair in different shades so I know a thing or two about maintaining colored hair: After coloring, foam from traditional shampoo and friction due to washing can lead to color fading and dullness. My regular shampoo just didn't cut it. Only Kérastase hair products kept my hair soft, manageable, and color protected. It's the best in my books! 

Kérastase products are available at Kérastase Institute, 6750 Building, 6750 Ayala Ave., Makati City. and at leading beauty salons.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, how often do you change/switch shampoos?

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