Saturday, April 16, 2011

Never Assume


A package had arrived at our place.

Me: *Shakes the package... feels it... reads sender's name* "Ooh... could it be?"
Aryanna: "What is it mom?"
Me: "I think it's a Cambridge bag!"
Aryanna: "You're so lucky. I want one too."
Me: *Opens package... beams with happiness... jumps up and down* "I'm so happy! Yay!
Aryanna: "Ooh, it's the color I wanted! Can I please borrow it?"
Me: "Maybe..."
Aryanna: "Mom!"
Me: *LOL*
Aryanna: "Hey, the card fell. "

Aryanna reads the letter aloud.

Hi Ruby and Jayjay! First of all, you made my daughter ecstatic! You wrote "green satchel" but we got a navy blue one. Anyway, it's the color she really wanted. Thank you!

Aryanna: *Grabs the bag from me* "Thaaaaank you very much!"
Me: *Gasps* "Aryanna!"
Aryanna: "Uhm... maybe you can borrow it from me."

Dear Ruby and Jayjay,

Thank you so much for thinking of my daughter. You must be mind readers because she wanted a navy blue Cambridge satchel!

According to Aryanna, "I am VERY DELIGHTED! Thank you so much!" *jumps for joy*

Me: "Can you give me a different pose? Something more dynamic."
Aryanna: "OK, you better capture this shot! Ready... here's something very dynamic." *trips purposely*
Me: "Whoa!"
Aryanna: "Is that dynamic enough for you?" LOL
Aryanna and I agree that everything goes well with Perrier! Haha!

Thanks Ruby Gan and Jayjay!

Please visit Chocolate Schu, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. They sell and take orders of Cambridge satchels and batchels.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what lesson in life have you learned recently?


Nina Lacson said...

Aryanna is really pretty! Pati ako natuwa para sa kanya sa post na 'to. :))

RubyG said...

Opps! My mistake, Jenni! Sorry.. Jayjay and I are pleased that Aryanna loves her new satchel!

tantei♥amethyst said...

super nice bag! hahaha. aryanna must be really happy right now. :D

Mom-Friday said...

I can feel her excitement! :))) lucky, lucky girls you are! :)

Anonymous said...

Please Dont publish my prevoius post coz i put my email add there. I would love to hear from u. Thanks so much again.

scarlet's walk said...

she's cute! and the bag too!

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