Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Living Color


I've been day dreaming of colors lately. *jaw drop*
Yes, me, miss "black-only-please."
The tides have turned.

I'm obsessed with rearranging my makeup kits. I love how I get hypnotized by all the colored maquillage I own. I want to wear them all... not all at once... ooh, tri-colored eye shadows!

I'm patiently waiting for the 15" neon pink Cambridge satchel to arrive. Can someone please make it happen for me?

The search is on too for the Eppersons to find the right colored coffee table. If only we could agree on what color (go orange!)

Color consumes me.

Check out what I received in my inbox:

See what I mean?

TTFN, I'm heading off to Dimensione!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what/who makes your life colorful?

1 comment:

vernice said...

Hi jenni! Thanks so much for posting our invite on your blog! My partner, Marga, and I are also pretty obsessed with color as you can see! Teehee!
Enjoy the collection! <3

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