Thursday, April 14, 2011

Readers' Recipes


I have to say that my amazing readers make me realize that sharing is truly caring. I'm glad that you guys have been cooking my recipes and enjoying it with your family. Aww...

Who knew that by documenting the food I cook and sharing them with all of you would take this blog to new heights? More importantly, it has empowered some of you to take control of your health and kitchen! Yay!

Here are more readers who cooked my recipes but tweaked them and made it their own! Great job!

From Christine Lavina's blog:

Let's Eat Healthy!!!
It has been a meatless day in our household! Woohoo! :) I never thought that was possible especially since my husband is allergic to seafood. *BOO!*

Earlier this week I have been obsessing about healthy recipes and was able to make a somewhat healthy menu for the week. I saw a ton of recipes online but a lot of the ingredients are hard to find here. I needed to find recipes locally and I remembered coming across Jenni Epperson's blog where she shares some of her healthy recipes.

This is what we had for lunch:

Century Tuna Corn Sliders

What it is:
A mini whole wheat pandesal burger with tuna & mushroom patties on a bed of lettuce topped with garlic mayo and Enoki mushrooms. Jenni's recipe originally called for alfalfa sprouts but lettuce is another option. I also couldn't find Aioli mayonnaise nor garlic mayonnaise so I bought light mayonnaise instead and just added garlic powder. I was too excited to eat and forgot all about the tomatoes.

The verdict?
It was really, really good! Of course I couldn't take credit for our successful meal this afternoon, I do not know how to cook. Kudos to my yaya for a great job following the recipe! Special mention to me for being resourceful (and doing the grocery)! Hahaha.

The husband loved it and said it was pretty filling. My eldest liked it too without complaints which is good because she often gets agitated when I let her try something new (and always says the new dish is spicy even if it is not). Our two-year-old however just had rice, as usual. She has mastered using the word "NO!" and there's only a handful of food that she eats. But overall, it was a huge success! Even our little chickie friends loved it! LOL

My dear Christine,
Aren't we all grateful for our yayings? LOL
Great job on the Century Corned Tuna Sliders! You win "Best in Tablescape" because you used stuffed chicks as accessories! You know how much I love toys on the table!
Palakpakan mga kapatid!

From Iana's blog

Hi Ms. Jenni,

Good Day,

I've been following your blog lately and was happy to note some simple recipes of your. I was able to try your century corned tuna sliders, which i blogged it too ( My whole family loved it and would want to prepare it this Holy Week.

Thanks for sharing the recipes and hoping more easy to make recipes in the future :)

More power to you!


Thanks Iana! I love the level up photography!
I have more Century Tuna recipes to share so that you can try them
this Holy Week!
The tuna sliders taste amazing with cheese!

From Cym Marzan's blog:

Food Experiment #11
Inspired by Jenni Epperson's Century Corned Tuna ala King, I made the recipe but I added canned button mushrooms and I used iodized rock salt instead of Himalayan pink salt. Since I do not have a muffin tray and an oven, I just rolled my wheat bread a little bit with a ketchup bottle, I kept the crust because I like it, stuck some toothpicks and put it in the oven toaster as shown in the photo below.

It definitely is a must-try! I really love it with the toasted bread cups.

My version of whole wheat toast cup

Wow! I love how you did the toast cups! Very creative! Thanks for the blog post!

A Twitpic from @Dyeysie: 

My corned tuna alaking version. Super yummy 

Your Century Tuna Ala King Pasta looks so creamy! This made me hungry!

A Twitpic from @iam_EUGE:

Lunch and dinner combined! My penne rigate tuna ala king pasta! Let's eat tweeps! Inspired by  

Hi Eugene! The lighting is perfect! It really brought out the texture and colors of your "penne rigate tuna ala king pasta" — shala-la!
Tune in for more of my "Meatless Fridays" recipes!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep on sending me photos of dishes inspired by my recipes and I'll blog about it!


upto6only said...

Thanks Ms. Jenni for this post. I just can't wait what recipe will you share tomorrow. This makes me so excited :)

Again more power!!!

ceemee said...

Wow! Thanks for appreciating how readers get inspired by your yummy recipes.

ceemee said...

By the way, Iana's melting cheese picture made my mouth water!

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