Thursday, April 7, 2011



I think "Fashion Forward" should be the new "Choz"!

I say, let's just have fun with fashion, shall we?

Here's something to play around with:

I don't know about the "Fashion Forward" peeps, but personally I've been waiting for bones accessories! Congratulations AJ Omandac and crew! Can't wait to see your collection!

Oh, here's this week's fashion playground:


Shoppingero/shoppingera, who wants to have fun with fashion? Raise your legs...


Daphne said...

Wow me too! I want bone accessories! Can't wait! :)


Conchita said...

"fashion forward" is the new "major, major"!

Dee said...

"Let's just have fun with fashion" -- right on, Jenni! Backward, forward, sideward as long as you're having fun and channeling your own creative style, I guess that's what matters in the end. Choz.

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