Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Readers' Recipes



According to the Century Tuna peeps, their chefs cooked my recipe and served it during their board meeting. Everyone loved it! Yay!

The spotlight today is on my amazing readers who have been busy in the kitchen whipping up dishes inspired by my recipe! You guys rock!

Peg: remember my recipe for Century Corned Tuna Ala King?

Creamy goodness in a kyoot toast cup

Readers' versions:

Trish tweeted: "@nawwTy merienda w/@rixbu poolside on this windy afternoon@Century_Tuna"

My friend Trish whipped up the Century Corned Tuna Ala King dish as snack for her boys (Ric included) and served it by the poolside — "shala-la!"

Trish's version of Century Corned Tuna Ala King. Tell me, aren't they mouthwatering?

Hi Miss Jenni!

I'm Liezl from Zamboanga City

I'm a super big fan of your blog, been reading daily po! :)
I'm so happy na you share all your good finds, plus healthy recipes. I've been trying to lose weight kasi and your blog is a big help.

I attached the photos I took when I made your Century Corned
Tuna ala King. Pasensya na talaga, medyo malayo sa ginawa n'yo ung version ko, super edit na lang po kasi (ingredients), plus I don't have oven so I used toaster. Medyo disaster po, pero masarap daw according to my family, and that's a first coz every time I cook medyo deadma sila, but with this one, grabe my sister said pa nga: "At last, may niluto na si achie na masarap" and my mom said, "Hindi makahiya yung lasa" LOL... I love my family!

I left a comment na din sa blog, I really hope you won't faint when you see the photos, I super tried my best! :)


I just super wanna thank you again for sharing great things, please continue in doing so, please. :)


Zamboanga City

My dear Liezl,

First of all, thank you for being one of the first to send a photo of your dish! I was so excited that you cooked the Century Corned Tuna Ala King the same day I posted it! Success!

Next, as you requested, I tried not to faint when I saw your photos! Choz! I think you did a fantastic job cooking it considering the limitations of ingredients and kitchen appliance. Iba talaga ang passion ng taong gutom! Haha!

As I suggested in my email (and for the sake of my other readers), when cooking/baking with white bread, always turn the heat down as it burns quicker than wheat bread. White bread contains sugar, therefore, it easily gets charred. Also, when using an oven toaster, put a foil on top of the toast cups to prevent burning the tops.

Keep cooking and eating healthy! Baby steps = Giant results!

Mabuhay, Zamboanga Cityyy!

Liezl's creamy creation!

Dear Jenni,

This is @deecaf from Twitter. I read your easy peasy Corned
Tuna Ala King recipe last Friday and thought it would fun to do it this afternoon for my fam to snack on. They loved it and I loved cooking it. So easy!

Anyway, I blogged about it so I could share your recipe with my little circle of blogging friends too. 

From: Donelle Khan

Hi Donelle!

Thanks for sending me your photos! I read your blog and I love that you did a step by step guide on how to cook it just like what I do on my blog! Winner!

Pansin ko lang, kumalat na rin ang"kyoot"! LOL

Kidding aside, I love that despite not having a muffin/cupcake pan, you cut triangle toasts for the wheat bread.  Creativity is key in making your own dish! Again, when hungry, there's a way! Haha!

Donelle's creative concoction!

And last but not the least, one of my Twitter followers sent a Twitpic of his version:

From: "@gilliantwits presenting my very first cooking adventure!century chili corned tuna pasta! #meatlessfriday @jenniepperson"

Dear @gilliantwits,

Even though your dish is far from my Century Corned Tuna Ala King recipe, I give you an "A" for effort!  At least you used the Chili Corned Tuna! My food must have looked so good that it inspired you to create your own version... a totally different one! I lav et! Haha! Kaloka ka!

Thanks for the Twitpic!

@gilliantwits' pasta surprise! Na-surprise talaga ako dahil ibang recipe ang ginawa n'ya! LOL

Bravo amazing readers! Thank you for sending your photos! Keep them coming and I promise to blog them.

Tune in this Friday for another yummy "Meatless Fridays" recipe! It's going to be another delish and healthy dish!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, email me your own version of my Century Corned Tuna Ala King recipe!


Donelle said...

Awww, thanks for the feature Jenni! So sweet of you. And yeah, kalat na talaga ang "kyoot" it's just too kyoot not to use. LOL.

Looking forward to Friday. With your recipe features, I just might be in the kitchen more often! Haha.

Here's to more easy peasy kyoot yummy recipes!

giuliana said...

hi Jenni! this is @gilliantwits...hehe...sabi ko pa nga sa twitter, "ghel po ako"..hahaha

i got sooo high when i checked ur blog minutes ago kasi my sister,kuya,fadir and i just finished eating lots of nachos na kami kami lang din ang nagmix mix.hehehe.and we also took pictures of the finished product kasi i was going to post it on twitter and tag u.hehehe...kaso lang, i noticed i used the same plato platohan for the presentation..nakakahiya kasi nabuking tuloy na "scarcity" ang plato platohan dito sa amin...hehehe :D

thank you soo much for the feature...sobrang happy ko lang..sabi ng sister ko, na"loser mode" na daw ako sa post my pics of the nachos soon, and yes, super inspired na ako because of you.hahaha,parang girl crush lang. :D

lots of love to u and ur family all the way from palo, leyte, philippines!

Gigi aka @gilliantwits


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