Saturday, April 30, 2011

Readers' Recipes


Here are more recipes from my amazing readers inspired by my dish:

From @ItsMeMaiii Corned tuna burgers & tuna ala king ;) Luv ur simple yet yummy recipes ms. Jenni..:)

Wow! Not one but two of my Century Tuna recipes! Bravo!

 From @kellychan225 tnx for your century tuna sliders recipe. My hubby loved it! Crispy tlga!

I'm glad your hubby loved it! It's cool that you used lettuce leaves ala In & Out Burger style — it's healthier that way. 


From @katedoloroso  Yummy. Crunchy. Sooo healthy!

Ooh! Red onions will add a bit of spice and extra crunch to the Tuna Sliders! Yum!

Thanks for all your photos! They all look delish!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep your photos coming! Twitpic it or email it to me! 

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