Thursday, April 7, 2011



I am really a rocker at heart.

Steven Tyler's performance with Carrie Underwood just gave me the much-needed jolt of energy this morning!

Rock stars are whole different breed of musicians — they have the best stage presence, coolest outfits, and their vocals are like the sound of blazing chariots! Electrifying!

Steven Tyler & Carrie Underwood : Walk This Way : 2011 ACM Country Music Awards Live Performance

\m/ Press "repeat" and  rock on! \m/

Dear Steven Tyler,

Please come to Manila!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who's your all-time favorite rock band?


@misyel11 said...

I love Steven Tyler! It reminds me of 80's!! I wish Aerosmith will have a concert here! :))

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jenni, did you know that once there was a rumor that Aerosmith is coming here last March. But Tyler confirmed that they're really not. Anyhow, I really like Aerosmith! I really wish they come here... soonest!

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