Friday, April 22, 2011

Meatless Fridays: Century Corned Tuna Open-Face Dimsum


I love dimsum! Who doesn't?
So, when I was preparing the recipes for my "Meatless Fridays", I included a dimsum dish.

After I prepared the ingredients this morning, I realized that I've never tried homemade pot stickers.
Uhm, I don't know how to fold crescent-shaped dumplings.
Not cool.

I thought: Youtube tutorials!

After watching five different videos, I was ready.

My kitchen is now a mess.
It's official, I can't fold a dimsum.
Sorry Aryanna, mom's not perfect.

When everything else fails [in folding dimsum], here's the solution:

Century Corned Tuna Open-Face Dimsum


1 can of Century Corned Tuna
1 small bundle of baby bokchoy (you can also use pechay, spinach, or other leafy greens), 1 lemon
Dimsum wrapper

 Easy Peasy:

Step 1: Steam the baby bokchoy.
Step 2: Mince the veggies using a food processor or a sharp knife.
Step 3: Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Season it with salt and pepper.
Step 5: Boil water. Drop the dimsum wrappers and cook them till they become slightly luminous.
Tip: Leave the wrappers on the slotted spoon to avoid sticking on the bottom. You'll thank me for it. I also used two wrappers for each dimsum.


You can't eat just one piece of dimsum so, it's best to serve it with a minimum of four pot stickers.
Tip: Arrange the filling on the plate, then top it with the dimsum wrapper. Put a bit of filling on top of the dimsum for decoration and to show your guest the kind of filling.

Dipping sauce recipe:

Tamari sauce
Garlic powder
Cayenne pepper or fresh chili

Whenever I buy takeout dimsum, I usually make my own dipping sauce to avoid the fat and sodium found in the soy sauce, chili, and garlic brew from fast food.

I treat my sauce like a salad dressing. I use good extra virgin olive oil (EVOO is good for you), tamari or low-sodium soy sauce, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. I emulsify the ingredients and use it as my sauce.
Drizzle the emulsion onto the open-faced dimsum.
As indicated on my plate, you can serve this for brunch, snack, or dinner.
You must try this! Yummy!

I have a new found appreciation for dimsum. The next time I pop those yummy morsels, I'll be thinking about the cook who painstakingly folded the dumplings! Haha!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what's cooking?


Dee said...

They look really yummy! I'd love to try this too. Your food and cooking posts have really inspired me to cook (corned tuna ala king and corned tuna burger), it has become a weekend regular for me. I made siopao last weekend and I'm thinking of making pie this Easter Sunday. :-)

Continue inspiring your readers, Jenni!

Mom-Friday said...

Cute and delicious!!! Sort of an "upside-down tuna dimsum" hehehe...
Century corned tuna is family favorite! You have so many ideas here and now i've got to try doing some :)

Jazzy Jaz said...

Your recipe is just too cute! I'd love to try this tomorrow. :D

MommyBa said...

These look so yummy! Now that I'm back at my home, I'll start digging up the recipes you've been sharing and I'll challenge myself to at least come up with an edible version.

Thanks for the inspiration!

carina said...

Made a fried version :)

Thanks for sharing recipes. More please!! Wootwoh!

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