Thursday, April 28, 2011

Organize! Organize! Organize!


Listen up family! Here are clever gifts for mom this coming Mother's Day!

For the multitasking mom, the on the go office woman, or busy student, the key to a less stressful life is to organize your space.

The time you save can be used for spending more time with your family and friends. Just by organizing a space, you can buy yourself hours of time every week that would have otherwise been wasted on searching for things that were lost. Instead of scouring the house every morning for misplaced items or wasting hours each night looking for keys, computer chargers, and other things that have a tendency to get lost, this gives you more family time, more personal time, and more time for doing the things you love.

A few things worth buying to create a peaceful and organized space at home or at work are bag organizers, gadget organizers, and cosmetic cases.

Here are some of my favorite organizers:

Clear bags are essential so you can easily see your things. You can also sort your things into like categories and put them in each bag: Cosmetics, kids stuff, paper, etc...
I found these clear zip bags at Make Room. I like that each bags comes with a hook that I can attach to some of my totes.
Mesh zipper bags are great for traveling. They are compact and practical.
I use this as my cosmetics bag. I like that the mesh bags and clear zipper pouch are all detachable. There are also tons of pockets and several makeup brush holders. It's all in cased in a sturdy nylon zip bag. Available at Make Room.
These nylon zippered pouches were gifts from Tumi. I gave them to Tom because as you may have noticed, I already own enough organizers. Haha!
This gadget organizer was a gift from my friend Tess. This is what I bring with me to my shoots.
My family are all gadget heads so we each have this giant gadget organizer! Great for the home too!
The giant gadget bag is also available at Make Room.
My bag organizer is from Muji. I like that it's white and has a top handle so I can easily transfer it from one bag to another. Cit-Cit Sioson featured this in Inquirer a few weeks ago. You can read it here.
The Muji bag organizer also has several dividers and a zipper pouch.
Organizers keep my bags neat.
Every mom should own a receipt wrangler. I have two: one for work and for household receipts.
Tip: For household receipts, I divide the accordion pockets by the day. It's an easy way to keep track of how much I spend everyday.

I just recently worked with makeup artist Juan Sarte. He is probably the neatest person I know. He owns the coolest organizers, gadgets, and containers. 

His newest cool find is a gadget organizer he bought in the States. I want one, Juan!

On the outside: a simple, functional, and compact nylon bag...
The inside reveals many pockets perfect for your tech toys. The best part is the extension cord holder in the middle!

I lost my styling kit during one of my shoots. Don't ask. I'm furious. Anyway, I am excited to complete a new styling kit. There are so many cool, affordable containers being sold now too! I can't wait to build my styling kit again! Will update you!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, when was the last you organized your space?


Caeyo said...

I'm organizing my stuff tonight because your post is just so motivating. :P

Zahara said...

omg!! love love the clear pouches! and the white bag organizer is chic!! i want one.

jonverdavid said...

Great! I've been looking for chic organizers for quite some time. One that I particularly liked, I also want to share, is Beabi. You guys should check that out!

Trina said...

Hi, Ms. J!

I recently got married and I'm still in the process of organizing our whole house. Grabe ang effort na kailangan haha but since I'm quite OC, I enjoy organizing things and making sure that they are in their proper places =)

One problem I have though are the receipts I have. I used to put them in my wallet lang then forget about them na. Your way of separating them by day is so awesome and simple I don't know why I never thought of that before. Hahaha =) I have a lot of those accordion organizers at home pa naman haha =)

Anyway, thank you for all the tips and tricks you share with your readers. Keep 'em coming! =)

xoxo, trina

Meikah said...

I've had several attempts at organizing my stuff, but after a while, I would go back to being messy again.

This post has inspired me to do more effective organizing again. And it sure gives me reason to go back to Muji and MakeRoom. :D Thanks!

baby said...

hello jenni,

may i ask where you bought your receipt wrangler? been wanting to have one for the longest time already... this is a very nice & informative blog!

stay pretty, sexy & inspiring :)

Jenni Epperson said...

hi "baby"!

i bought my clear receipt wrangler from national book store.

thanks for reading!

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