Saturday, April 9, 2011



The "It" bag is now the "Was" bag.
The "MILK" bag is what's hot!

What is MILK? 
Money, I.D., lipstick, keys — kyooot!

What is pain?
Carrying a big bag with contents of the entire refrigerator — alam mo yan!

What is new:

The new, slimmed-down Proenza Shouler PS1 wallet

Just "Whaaat?":
“Sometimes an evening clutch feels too fancy, but a day bag feels too normal,” says Lazaro Hernandez, who, with Jack McCollough, designed the sleek, happy medium. Their wallet happens to be exceptionally functional too—even the credit card slots are specially lined to protect the magnetism of the stripe. “Nothing was left to chance,” Hernandez says.

You know what?
I want.

Available from April 11,

Shoppingera, when was the last time you lugged around just the basics?


scarlet's walk said...

i want too! ^^

Tots Marquez said...

my wedding! I am used to lugging all my stuff in a giant bag. Now I think I have to really edit what I bring, as my bag puts a lot of strain on my shoulder :(

Monina Ramos - Recalde said...

Love it! I've been a "MILK" bag for two years now. Glad to see I'm not the only one. =)

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