Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home Cute Home


I am grateful that a lot of home stores have opened up in Manila and have been bringing in beautiful brands. They make home improvements a joy.

One of my favorite home accessories and storage brands, Seletti (Italy), is finally available in Manila! I saw them yesterday at Dimensione, Bonifacio High Street. I only saw some home accessories, tableware, and storage containers. I hope they bring the furniture.

Seletti is the glammed up (and in my opinion, more interesting) version of MUJI. It is also more pricey, but investing on a few pieces can add a lot of charm to your home — a little goes a long way.

You'll know what I mean as you scroll down:


Do I smell a D.I.Y. project?
Aryanna has a similar 1950's style all-white console cabinet in her room. I think it's time to refurbish it to something like this.

Tell me, how chic is this?

Home accessories:

I love the white "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil' Monkeys candelabra!
Yes, another D.I. Y. idea.

Storage boxes/kits:

Storage containers have never been this kyoot:

For Tom
I have one of these "Fabrica" containers. It's made of tin with lace and mirror print which I use to store some of my beauty paraphernalia.
For your kids' room

Trash cans:

I. Want.
Seletti "Trash-Chic"


OMG... OMG...

I feel that this collection was designed for me! LOL
Dear Dimensione, I want this "Gold Estetico" collection. Call me!
Ask Pauline Juan and she will tell you that I've been looking for matte gold cutlery. She bought a beautiful set of matte gold at Rustan's and I've been obsessed since.
Kitch "Keytlery"
For Aryanna
The colors are so now!
Got these for Aryanna. She loves the all-black matte finish. We played dress-up last night and they looked great with her poufy dresses!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, visit Dimensione now!


artemis said...

even if i am in my mid forties, i still am and always will be a funky non-trad non-classic semi rocker chick, so i also go to your blog for inspiration. i also bought those ceramic black porcelain charms to use as bag charms on contrasting brightly colored totes or exactly like what aryanna is using them for, pendants. for the home, i am putting some on my daughter's curtain tie backs as funky accents. i love 'em!♥

scarlet's walk said...


mdruiz4 said...

Love everything houndstooth in the collections you featured. Thanks for the tip :)

Pajammy said...

OMGGG these look great!!!

naku you don't just make me hungry, you make me want to shop too!!!

Jenni Epperson said...


I knew you'd like Seletti! It's the bahay-bahayan and plato-platuhan for grown-ups!

Liz said...

Oh geez! These are all oh-so-pretty! Gotta visit this store when I'm well. I'd like to get hold of those storage boxes. Thanks for sharing.

sioMai said...

Those charms you got for Aryanna are sooo kyoot. I' sure to check them out this week. Thanks! :)

Nate said...

Hi Ms. Jen!

Where can I find them? These are really great.

rica said...

i love your post jenni! im also into things like these! love the furniture. =)

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