Thursday, June 16, 2011



So, this is Chatime...

Chatime is the famous Taiwanese pop milk tea chain that's now in Manila.
I spotted one of their branche inside The Landmark. Lots of customers were waiting to be served. The service was fast and the staff was efficient so waiting for your order is pretty stress-free.

I've been reading tweets about "Chatime" for a couple of weeks now and I finally got to try it.

Freshly brewed tea & coffee drinks infused with natural flavors:

I'm glad that I'm not shy or I wouldn't have met Chatime "expert" Nescyn. Haha! Thank you fo recommending what drinks I should first try.

Shoutout to Nescyn and her friend Michiko!
Nescyn and her office mates love Chatime!

The Chatime station:

The metal dispensers on top are where the brewed teas and coffee are stored.
Super cool vacuum sealer
I tried 50% sugar and it tasted good. Maybe next time I'll attempt 30% sugar and work my taste buds to 0 % sugar.
Nescyn recommended that I try the Roasted Milk Tea with pearls and Pearl Milk Tea for Aryanna. They were both delish!

I prefer the brewed tea taste of Chatime compare to other regular pearl shakes.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, have you tried Chatime yet? What's your favorite flavor?


Charina Espinosa said...

where is this located ms jenni?

Abigail said...

sana meron din dito, i wanna try. love milk tea:)

sugar sugar said...

will try this the next time i go to makati! :) i love bubble teas. :3

Anonymous said...

There will be one in Mall of Asia opening soon. I haven't tried Chatime, although I've tried Serenitea and Gong Cha's Pearl Milk Teas. I prefer Gong Cha's Milk Teas compared to Serenitea. The lines to these are pretty packed! I can't wait to try em all. :)

Janice Sheilah said...

This may be a passing fad. Remember the Zagu trend before?

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Love Chatime! The branch in Pioneer Center is awesome. You might want to try Brown Rice Green Tea (healthy option) or Hawaii Fruit Tea (refreshing)or the Matcha Red bean smoothie (dinner substitute).

Here's a post we did on it. :)

Anonymous said...

i love chatime! my favorite is pearl milk tea. i love their pearls! they are the best. i've tasted serenitea and moonleaf but chatime tops them all :) i hope they open a branch near eastwood. thanks ms. jenni for the post :)


Netie Perez said...

hi Ms. Jenni. if you loved Chatime, you'd definitely love Happy Lemon more. do try the Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies & Cream or the Milk Tea with Pearl Sago and Puff Cream. I swear by these two flavors. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy lemon is okay, but more expensive. I think their "large" cup is even smaller than Chatime's REGULAR cup. :( And their pearls are tiny.

Anonymous said...

Happy lemon is a bit more expensive. their "large" cup is even smaller than Chatime's regular. Their pearls are also tiny. :(

Anonymous said...

I tried taro red bean milk tea. 'twas not as good as i expected it would be. but what i loved about my drink was the taste of "roasted" red beans :)

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