Wednesday, June 8, 2011



I missed the last Fashion Week. I was busy with work but I wish I attended the Oxygen Menswear fashion show. Here's what some of us missed out on:

Yes, the collection is from Oxygen (Penshoppe group). It's very different from their past collections, but I like it. In my opinion, their men's collection is strong this season which gives their competitors something to think about. I just hope whatever they showed on the runway will also be available in their stores.

Penshoppe/Oxygen sent me some gift checks and a men's T-shirt as gifts. Uhm, was the T-shirt for me or Tom? I may dress menswear-inspired outfits but I draw the line with men's tees. Anyway, thank you! I guess I will be visiting their store soon and if Tom behaves, I might just buy something for him... or he can have the men's T-shirt giveaway. LOL

Shoppingero, who's looking for cool duds?


Anonymous said...

uhmm..hi Ms. Jenni.. you sure these are from penshoppe.. I think these are from oxygen.. hihi

Anonymous said...

She said it was from Oxygen, which is in the same group as Penshoppe. I think that was well-written in the paragraph right below the last photo.

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