Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Found It!


Warning: The Beabi gadget bag can only hold x-amount of weight so, to avoid breakage, change plastic hooks to metal.

I only had my laptop, iPad 2, camera, and all their paraphernalia inside the bag and the plastic hook of the strap snapped! Fortunately, my gadgets are OK. Whew! 


So, I now have a laptop, an iPod, iPad 2, iPhone 4, camera plus, all of their paraphernalia. I've become a virtual Christmas tree of gadgets.

I love all my tech toys, but it has come to a point when it's now a hassle to lug all of them around in separate cases.

I've been searching for a simple yet functional all-in-one bag to fit all my stuff and I finally found it! Yay!

Beabi Computer Bag is the only gadget bag you'll ever need!

You'll love:
  • Nylon case
  • Light weight
  • Black color
  • Simple design
  • Multiple compartments and pockets
  • Comes with a shoulder strap
  • Affordable (P995)

I love the multiple pockets and compartments!
Back view: More compartments!
Good news: A 15-inch computer fits!
This is now my favorite bag! It holds my laptop, iPad 2, iPod, camera and all the paraphernalia that goes with the gadgets. Very clever design!

The store for the O.C. and budget-conscious:

Beabi is a local brand that sells containers, travel kits, nylon bags and more.
Me: Hun, can you take a picture of me wearing my new computer bag?
Tom: C'mon, we're on vacation...
Me: Please?
Tom: *click, click, click, click, click*
Me: Wait! I'm not ready!
Tom: Too bad.
Me: How does it look?
Tom: The best.
*Checks the camera* Your feet are in the shot!
Tom: It's the socks that made the shot.

Beabi is located at the G/F Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center, Makati City

Shoppingero/shoppingera, how many separate gadget cases do you own?


incarnadine29 said...

Thanks for this! What a neat gadget bag :)

Anonymous said...

if that gadget bag gets stolen, however, then EVERYTHING is gone.

Martha Ballesteros said...

Wow! Nice! I sooo like it! I think beabi also has a SM North Edsa branch - main building. Thanks Jenni!

Anonymous said...

D: promise! natawa ako sa socks! kakakaka!

A Mom's adventure said...

Cool bag! :) Gonna get one soon! Thanks for putting this on your blog!

Marissa said...

I got a Beabi bag organizer and wondered how I survived without it! So easy to change bags with it.

iambabyg16 said...

Thanks for sharing! I should drop by there. BTW Ms. Jenni you are looking gorgeous as ever :)

Reggie said...

wow you carry around a 15inch macbook pro with u wherever u go? thats quite heavy!

but still, at least u get all the gadgets in one place now :) same for me O.C. who regularly checks on his while outside haha

ceemee said...

That's super cool!
Love the socks!

upto6only said...

super nice. i was about to ask what other colors are available. Now i want to visit the store.

babyjourney said...

I love this post:) thank you ms jenni.

I have a crumpler computer bag that houses my 15" MacBook pro, all the tangled cables and 2 external HD.

A small pouch which holds my iPod, Kodak zi8, iPad camera and USB connector, 2 more USB keychains and charger for my point and shoot.

Then another pouch for my cam then I put my iPad in my bag. Whew. Dami ko pala dala. :(

I hope I can drop by beabi one of these days to check this bag out :) thank you!

I'm loving your shoes :)

Raisa Idonah said...

where are your wedges from in the last picture?? i love!

Anonymous said...

I love the gadget bag but I love the shoes even more! Where are they from? :)

Zahara said...

hahaha! your husband's so sweet..

TheAljay said...

Hi Ms. Jenni,

I really like all the stuff that Beabi has! Their big handy fan is a must have! For more goodie bags, I would like to recommend a store called tripologie. They also have an all in one gadget bag. Click here to see the photos.

More power to you!


Beegee said...

I love your wedges!

rica said...

how did u change the plastic thing for the handle to metal? can you please share :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

i love your shoes. where did you get it?

Jenni Epperson said...

To those who are inquiring about my wedges, I got them from Aldo, Powerplant Mall.

Red said...

Bought one just last week. This bad is LOVE. ^.^

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