Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Uniquely Marriott


Please excuse me for gushing about the Marriott Hotel, but since it's a fairly new hotel, and Tom and I had a grand time during our weekend getaway, I thought I'd share with you some of our experiences.

What we like about the hotel:

The view:

The view from the Business Center, it's a place where you can also have coffee and cocktails. Our room was also facing the Makati Skyline and Villamor Golf Course.

The breakfast buffet:

Marriott Cafe's breakfast buffet may not be as grand as the other hotels but you could see how each dish was created with extra care and attention to detail.

Tip:  They cook fresh bacon for you. Very good!

The smoothie bar was our favorite! I'm not sure if other hotels have this in their buffet but what's special about Marriot's smoothie bar is the coconut sorbet that they add to the smoothie. So yummy! Great drink to jumpstart your metabolism or nurse a hangover! LOL
Where can I buy Vita Milk? I love soy milk and the kyoot bottle!
Aryanna would have loved the low fat strawberry milk. Next time we'll bring her... maybe. Haha!
I ordered the Pineapple, Melon, and Coconut smoothie. So yummy!

Food samplers:

Marriott Cafe serves assorted samplers of their specials for the day.

Pink grapefruit and pineapple shots (no alcohol)
Chocolate Ganache mini muffins

The honeycomb:

Instead of refined sugar, add honey to your cereals!

The employees:

I have to admit that there is something unique about the Marriott executives and staff, they are "warmer" and some of them are such characters! They seem to be happy employees. We had a great time chatting with some of them.

Meet Marriott Cafe's team leader Deczle Enriquez. Congrats on your attentive staff! Shoutout to waiter Joseph Alano too!

Speaking of characters, you have to meet executive chef Miek Brammer! One of the warmest, funniest chefs I've met!

Chef Miek's signature pose! LOL

It's all in the details:

Uniquely Marriott

While having afternoon coffee with Tom at the Business Center, we noticed the intense clouds over the skyline. It's was a beautiful day!
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Shoppingero/shoppingera, if need to recharge and rejuvenate, we suggest a quick getaway to Marriott Hotel Manila.


Mimi said...

One of my professors said that Mariott is one of the best employers in the world!
I remember seeing vitamilk in 7-11 stores :)

Anonymous said...

I buy Vita Milk at 7-11 :)


raquel chua said...

got my vita milk at 7-11 wilson (inside cardinal santos hospital) =)

Meikah said...

Nice post! Because of your story, I can't wait to stay in Marriott later this month. :)

ems said...

cash and carry has the vitamilk brand.

Haley Bailey said...

aww! i miss Marriott Cebu tuloy and their breakfast buffet! ^_^ i always have my 3-cheese omelet with bacon and mushrooms for brekky when i was there... great entry, ms. J, as always... ;)

Mom-Friday said...

wow nice spread!
I've tried the Macalawan milk in 3 diff. flavors - vanilla, strawberry, choco -- yummy buy they're too sweet for me, and on different occasions, each one spoiled after 2 days from purchase despite the "best before" date :(((

Anonymous said...

vitamilk is available at 711 stores. :)

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