Friday, June 17, 2011



The first time I saw a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I wasn't sure what to think — at first glance, the silhouette of the shoes looked extra chunky, very, very, Ronald McDonald-ish but I was drawn to the height of the platform. Exage!

Some of you may remember the first time I blogged about Jeffrey Campbell. KC and I got several pairs and we were giddy about our purchases. Ah, ghels... LOL

My first few pairs of JC's that I bought in Hong Kong:

"Lady K" in black & white


My next JC purchase became my "everyday" shoes.


While shopping with Aryanna for back to school stuff, she spotted Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Aryanna: "Mom, don't you like Jeffrey Campbell?"
Me: "Yes! Why? Where?"
Aryanna: "Calm down. Check out the the table to your left."
Me: *looks to the left* "No! OMG. OMG. OMG."
Aryanna: *rolls eyeballs*

Ladies and gheys, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are now available at SM Department Stores. If you go to SM Makati, be sure to look for Grace; she will move mountains to get your size! Haha!

"Lita" in khaki (green in real life)

Everyone's thought bubble: "Grabe naman sa taas yan! Paano ka naman makakalakad dyan?"
Me: "The reason why the JC "Lita" shoes have become best-sellers is because despite the height of the platforms, they are very comfortable to walk in. Ask my friend Divine Lee!"

Dear Divine,

Are you ready?

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" is the new Fendi "Baguette" of shoes!

If you want other Jeffrey Campbell styles, you can also order online through my not-a-secret-anymore buyer, Kristine:

Photos taken with Instagram. Follow me: jenniepperson

Shoppingera, run, don't walk, buy your favorite pair now!


Daphne said...

I want one!!!! So jealous!!!!

Taneisha Black said...

Hi Ms Jenni How Much Does It Cost?

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi Tenisha!

They are around P6,500 up at SM.

Taneisha Black said...

Thanks for the reply last question all sm or just sm makati? :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Meron na sa SM?! Grabe si Lolo Henry, kabowgero! JC Lita's were long gone in the states, sold out na mga basic colors kahit last year pa diba Ms.Jen? So are these re-issues? So happy you blogged about this, there are so many knock-offs that are coming out right now with almost the same price range as the original JC Lita's, kung ganun edi sa orig nalang ako gagastos ng bonggels! Haha and i get the same comments too whenever i wear sky-high heels, the best pair that i have so far is Jessica Simpson's Dany heels which are 6inches high (seryoso!!!!). They are the cheaper alternative of JC's Foxy heels pero keri narin, lumelevel naman si mareng jessica so gow! Thanks again Ms.Jen! Hope to hear from you, sorry nag talambuhay kwento pa aketch haha! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! More power madame! :)


Jenni Epperson said...

Dear "MSP",

Kaloka ang novela mo! LOL

The JC shoes in SM are original. I'm sure they ordered it in advance so they were able to get JC "Lita" shoes. There are still a lot of JC "Lita" shoes sold online too and in different designs.

artemis said...

hello jenni! i hyperventilated when i saw this post of yours!

to echo Taneisha's question, would you know if All SMs carry them or only in Makati? i'm an Alabang girl so SM Southmall is the closest to me :)

thank you!♥

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi Artemis and Taneisha!

I'm not sure if Jeffrey Campbell is available at all SM Dept. stores but their Makati and Megamall branches have it.

Anonymous said...

where did you got your first jc in hong kong? xoxo

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi "Anonymous"!

I bought Jeffrey Campbell shoes at I.T. Here's the store info:

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