Saturday, June 25, 2011

Disco Shoes


First, it was the attack of the bell-bottom pants. Then it was the return of the giant floppy hat. Now, the disco shoes. The 70's trend is truly in the air!

Even Preview's Best Dressed Ball's theme this year is "Disco" so if you're looking for the final touch to your Studio 54 jumpsuit or your Halston or (Halston-esque) dress, I suggest you trot to Powerplant Mall, Rockwell and raid CMG's latest collection:

Shiny disco shoes!
Hypnotic heels @.@
Galit sa Swarovski?
Kakalula pero comfy! Haha!
Aside from shiny Disco shoes, CMG has cool brogues too...

as well as "everyday" shoes...

and sky-high heels...


Guess who I bumped into while shopping for shoes? Tatler Magazine's fashion editor Nina Estacio!


Not CMG but very 70's style
CMG's Mitzi Joy Tan

*The Disco shoes are exclusively available at CMG Powerplant Mall.

Shoppingera, run, don't walk, shop at CMG now!


Smolder Me said...

gusto ko yung na-usap! hehe..i want that shoes...thanks for the post jenny! will head to p.plant pronto! ..kahit may elbow fracture ako coz of pagkadapa sa heels..that will not stop me from buying those lovely heeled shoes!!!:D no pain no gain! -cheryl

nina estacio said...

Deadly duo in shoe heaven :) lunch soon buzz! at the deli in the grocery? let's wear them shoes :) haha!

Janice Sheilah said...

I'm gonna die

Just to reach shoe heaven

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