Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Readers' Recipes


Excuse me for not updating "Readers Recipes", my twitter account was flooded with RT's from the last "Jennirosity Day" that I couldn't recover some of your Twitpics/Lockerz, etc. If your photos are not posted below, please email them to me (jenniepperson.blogspot@gmail.com) or tweet me the link to your blog/Twitpic/Lockerz/Instagram and I'll be happy to blog about them.

From Maricon Lapasaran 

@Miko_cuteko @Century_Tuna @jenniepperson Made a yumealthy meal last.baked red bell pepper with tuna/tmtoes/onions tppings. amazed of hw it tasted! Sorry for d so yellow shot! http://lockerz.com/s/108221165

Thanks Miko! Spotted: Zebra table cloth! Haha! Lav et! It's great that you made this recipe your own with the use of red bell peppers. Your version reminds me of the Argentina Corned Beef and Potato Hash Stuffed Bell Peppers, Basmati Rice and Black Beans recipe I made.

From Florabel Facundo

"Hi Jenni,

I'm a reader from Germany. Ive been following your blog for quite sometime now. I really enjoy reading your posts especially your plato-platuhan and Pacquiao's update from "Lounell, pasok!" hahaha, its my breakfast companion. Ive done several of your recipes before but did not take pictures tsk tsk tsk....I was then quite shy to send you a letter! This time i have the guts to show you my  version of your Tuna ala king!!! Thanks for sharing it and keep posting!

Till your next recipe......Viel Glück!!!

@donyafacundo: Here's my Century Corned Tuna Ala King by Ms. @jenniepperson! Yey! Healthy living! SARAP! :) http://twitpic.com/57ozho

Mabuhay, Germany!  Wow! I love your plate and striped table cloth! The photography is also good with matching tilting the camera effect! LOL! The Century Tuna Ala King you made looks delish! Bravo!

My friend Lounell will be happy to know that you read his "Pacquiao" posts. Sulit na. Haha!

From Gian Mogatas

@gian_mogs: I tried my best to do @jenniepperson 's @Century_Tuna Oeufs En Cocotte! http://twitpic.com/56d8n7

Hi Gian!

Judging from the size of the Oeufs En Cocotte you made, you could probably feed a whole barangay! LOL! If not, I hope you shared your family sized dish with friends, family, and neighbors! ;D

Did you add cheese to your recipe? It looks yummy!

From Zahara of Cotabato City

@ZeeVsZombies come taste my soft tuna taco inspired by @jenniepperson http://zaharatales.blogspot.com/2011/06/soft-tuna-tacos.html

Mabuhay, Cotabato City!

I read your blog about having limited ingredients in your place, I'm impressed that you were able to create something amazing with the ingredients you had. Cooking is fun that way. Also, it's good to know you are related to someone who sells the "best" shawarma in the city! I will have to try it if ever I get to visit Cotabato. Haha!

Thank you everyone for all your photos! I'm glad more and more of my readers are inspired to cook my recipes. You guys rock!

Remember that cooking is empowering!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep your photos coming and I'll blog about them!


Zahara said...

lol! thanks Jenni.

lounell said...

Thanks Cherry! haha! ako daw yung nag thank you! Jenni.....hanggang sa Germany umaabot yung "Pasok, Lounell".....ma-patent na nga rin!

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