Monday, June 13, 2011

My Top 5 Picks


I see that nobody on Twitter has been complaining about the heat now. Thank God for the rain, our place keeps cool with minimal use of airconditioning. Let's just pray that the floods spare us.

Here are my Top 5 Picks for this "bed" weather season:

"Umbrella" boys at Glorietta
If you're a mall brat like me, you would know that the one of the few parts in Ayala Center that doesn't have a connecting bridge is from The Landmark to Anson's. Thank you Ayala Malls customer service for providing umbrellas and "umbrella" boys for shoppers during the rain.

Gymboree, Powerplant Mall
Dylan and I haven't been playing in the park as often as we want to due to the scattered rain showers. Gymboree is a great option for us to to "socialize" with other kids and parents, and both get some exercise (I think I lost 2 lbs. just from running after Dylan and playing). We both love it!  

Orly Nail Laquer in "Witch's Blue"
If you've lived long enough in Manila, you would know that a drop of rain equates to traffic. Enjoy the comforts of your home this cool season and book a home service mani/ped. Best to stock up on your favorite nail polish.

Preston Bailey 'Celebrations', available at National Book Store.
An inspiring book to add to your bedside table.

Glacéau VitaminWater Zero in Lemonade
I first tried this drink about three years ago in New York and I loved it! It's finally available at S&R.

Photos taken using Instagram. Follow me: jenniepperson

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what motivates you to get out of bed this "bed" weather season?

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