Friday, June 24, 2011

Meatless Fridays: Century Tuna Bruschetta


It's the season of DVD marathons, pajamas, and all-day snacking!

One of the Eppersons' favorite snacks is the bruschetta (pronounced "brusketta"). This dish is healthy, yummy, filling and super easy to make. You can also prepare it ahead of time and serve it anytime of the day.

Tip: Traditionally, tomatoes are parboiled before chopping them. Personally, I like to serve them fresh, so I use organic tomatoes or if they're not available, I clean the veggies with drinking water before chopping them. Same goes for fresh herbs.

Century Tuna Bruschetta


Classic toppings:

6-7 fresh tomatoes
1 whole onion
 2 cloves of garlic
3-5 fresh basil leaves
Low-fat mozarella cheese (grated or chopped)
Balsamic vinegar (optional but I highly recommend you add at least  a tsp.)
 1-2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
Sea salt 
Ground pepper

Century Tuna in Brine

Choose whole wheat baguette for a healthier meal. You can also try Finn Caraway Crackers (available at Healthy Options), it's like potato chips but waaaay healthier!

Easy Peasy:

Prepare the bread:

Step 1: Slice the whole wheat baguette, diagonally.
Step 2: Rub fresh garlic on the bread
Step 3: Lightly brush/drizzle EVOO on the bread
Step 4: Toast/grill the bread.

For the toppings:

Step 1: Chop the tomatoes (take out the seeds, juice, and cut the stems off), onions, and basil
Step 2: Grate/slice the mozarella cheese
Step 3: Drain a can of Century Tuna in Brine
Step 4: Mix all the ingredients, including the EVOO and balsamic vinegar. Season it with sea salt and ground pepper 


I serve the bruschetta in a personal bowl surrounded with grilled sliced whole wheat baguette instead of topping the bread with the mix.
Use the bread/crackers to spoon out the tomato mix.

Shoppingero/shoppingera,  a friendly reminder: It's the rainy season again, be sure to take extra care with your health. Eat healthy to help fight off viruses.

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