Monday, June 27, 2011

My Top 5 “Bang for your Buck”


With the rainy season at hand, "bed" weather has never felt this good!

If you’ve shopped on a rainy Friday/Payday, you'd know the drill: you spend hair-pulling hours, sitting in traffic. To entertain yourself, you upload "I-am-going-crazy-with-this-traffic" photos on Twitter. Then, you spend more time looking for parking, uploading more "I-am-going-crazy-looking-for-parking" photos and end up deleting them anyway because well, it's not funny anymore. When you finally get inside the mall, you have to wait in line again to buy movie tickets, order your meal, pay for shopping, and must I go on?

When you consider the gas and time you spent, don't you wish you never left the comforts of your home?

Shopping online gives shoppers the ease and convenience of buying your favorite brands without going through the "rainy Friday" ordeal.

Here's my Top 5 “Bang for your Buck” deals from Bayo's online shop:

Cool weather wardrobe:


To shop for more, click here.

How to purchase online:

Shoppingera, bust out your jackets and cardis, it's going to be chilly this week!

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