Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smells Good!


Why hasn't anyone one told me about this?

Dove Shea Butter just kicked Dove Cucumber's butt!

I have dry skin so moisturizing bars work best for me. Dove with Shea Butter is packed with moisturizers. In my opinion, it's creamier than other Dove soaps. This beauty bar helps keep my skin supple and smooth. Although, I wouldn't recommend this to those who have oily skin.

Dove Shea Butter Cream Oil
The smell of warm vanilla and brown sugar fills our bathroom. Hmmm...

The perfect his and her scent!

Dove Shea Butter Body Wash

*Available at S&R

Shoppingero/shoppingera, try Dove Shea Butter!


nicholettes said...

I've got to try this, i'm so inlove with warm vanilla sugar scent, thanks for the review

angelamhiere said...

I looooove Dove!!!! =)

scarlet's walk said...

is it available on major department stores?

Pinky said...

I've been using dove for years and it has never failed me :D dove do wonders on your skin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Jenni. Which branch of S&R do you usually go? :)

Richelle said...

i heart dove too!
try dove cream oil ultra rich velvet soap (the one in red packaging) scent is really good! : >

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