Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Need Speed?


I just recently worked on one of Tattoo's advertising campaign and it's exciting! I can't wait for it to air on TV!

Dong Ronquillo Globe head for data, broadband and landline shared with me last night at the shoot two exciting news:

Big news #1: Tattoo launches the Tattoo Lamborghini Stick with speeds up to 10mbps! The first 4G stick in the Philippines and the fastest!

Only from Tattoo

Big News #2: Tattoo's Postpaid plan is also now the fastest in the country! All 999 plan with 2mbps is now upto 3mbps and 1,299 plan/Superstick with 3mbps is now upto 5mbps! This is applicable to current and new subscribers!

Hi Marlon! LOL

Get one now!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, for more info, visit the nearest Globe store!

1 comment:

Meikah said...

So does this mean, the old stick we got (a prepaid one), won't be working anymore (or working faster/better)? It's sloow actually! I hope these new sticks will be working more efficiently as the Globe people are claiming.

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