Thursday, June 30, 2011

Readers' Recipes


I know, I know, I have to update my blog soon! Please excuse me as I've been busy with work, family, and my projects. Typhoon "Falcon" has left me with a flood of rescheduled appointments! Haaaay!

Anyway, allow me to thank everyone who sent me "Readers' Recipes" food shots, photos of books/shoes/etc that you guys bought upon my recommendation, Twitter messages, and a whole lot of sweet emails! I'm very grateful to have amazing readers like you!

From: Carina Samaniego

My dear Carina,
Thanks for your email and all the beautiful food shots you sent me! Best in photography ka, sis! I love all of them!

"This recipe is inspired by Ms. Jenni Epperson’s Century Corned Tuna Open-Face Dimsum. What I love about her recipe is: 1. Super easy, yummy and budget-friendly. 2. Since Centrury Corned Tuna is flavorful, no need to add a lot of seasoning. You can taste the mixture without cooking a sample, unlike when using raw meat. I used the Chili Corned Tuna variant and added kinchay. I hope you guys will try this :)"
"Yet another easy recipe c/o Ms Jenni Epperson and Century Tuna. Had this for lunch on this rainy Thursday. I used Centry Tuna Hot and Spicy for the extra kick :) I am now a certified suki of Ms Jenni’s recipes!"

From: @shirleylim26 @jenniepperson, girl, here's my version of century tuna ala king courtesy of you of course! Thanks! 

Dear @shirleylim26,
Wow! Ulam ang peg! What happened to the toast cups? Haha!
Bakit may na-spotted akong peanut butter d'yan? I hope you didn't add that to your recipe. LOL
Your dish seems very creamy and yummy!

From: @LiezlAquino it's done it's done! super thank you to @jenniepperson for sharing this recipe! healthy and yummy! :)

Hi @LiezelAquino!
Despite the blurry shot, I can see that you used fresh tomatoes in your recipe. Winner!

From: @che_caparas I recreated jenniepperson's Tuna Farfalle. :)

Hi @che_caparas!
Parang na-excite ka sa fresh basil, haMeron ka bang herb garden? Haha! 
I love the colorful plate you used!

From: @Anabella25 @jenniepperson thanks for this yummy recipe! I couldn't find dried tomatoes so I used fresh ones ;)

Dear @Anabella25,
Aba, aba, very, very similar ang food shot mo from mine nakapatong din ang cracker on the edge of the container! I lav et!
Best in presentation ka!
Thank you!

From: @trinalgorayb:

Dear @trinalgorayeb,
I also learn a lot from parenting books.
I'm sure with the love and guidance of your family, your son will conquer his fears and will grow-up to be a well-rounded person. Moms rock!

From my friend, Mons Romulo:

Thank you, sis! You look more fabulous than ever!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep your letters and photos coming!


Carina said...

Ay, this just made my day!!! Thanks again Ms Jenni! A nice (advance) bday gift to me :)

Kitten said...

your recipes are mouthwatering, thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

hi jenni,
when are you giving away the ipad2?

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