Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've Got Mail + Readers' Recipes


Excuse me for the lack of updates but I've been a busy bee.

Last week was all about kilig moments:

Dear Aileen,
Buti naman at napadpad ka dito sa blog ko! It's about time! Haha!
I'm glad that cooking has become your bonding time with your daughter. In my experience, my parents encouraged us kids to cook and hangout in kitchen. It has influence me to eat better and taught me how to cook and experiment with food. I'm sure that your daughter will cherish your moments together, cooking and baking.
I love that you created a checklist of the things and food I've blogged! Winner! Keep me posted!

Remember my blog on Jeffrey Campbell? Well, apparently, success sha! Tiba-tiba ang JC department sa SM! Haha!

I received a kyoot text from one of Jeffrey Campbell's sales assistants, Grace a day after I blogged about Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Yes, I'm close to sales people that's why I have their numbers — they are part of my network! Effective! ;D
 Photo taken with Instagram. Follow me: jenniepperson

From: @mymomfriday Still sooo full from dinner...yummy Tuna-Mushroom a'la King http://twitpic.com/5bv3u1 -inspired by @jenniepperson

Dear 'mymommyfriday",
Best in bread cups! Your photo looks very similar to the ones I took! I have to cook this again! Yum!

From: @stylefool @jenniepperson Inspired by your Fish tacos and added Jalapeños! Love it http://yfrog.com/gywmnrqlj

Dear "@stylefool",
Why didn't I think of adding jalapeños on my recipe! Nakachamba ka dito! LOL

From: @amrieabegail @jenniepperson this is my version using century tuna..i'd just flatten out the wheat bread...pede na parang tacos http://twitpic.com/58xcrt

Dear "@amrieabegail",
I had to wear prescription glasses to view your photo (CHOZ!) sa sobrang blurred!
I'm glad you are one resourceful woman, instead of using tortilla wraps, tinapay talaga ang ginamit mo! Sandwich na ito!;D

From: @kellly_chan @Century_Tuna soft tacos ala @jenniepperson- a sure winner for dieters lyk moi! http://t.co/PutagpN

Dear "@kellychan",
Weight-Watchers pala ang peg mo, ha!
Extra points for the half-bitten soft taco photo. Judging from your photo, malaki kang kumagat! Haha!

@kellly_chan @Century_Tuna soft tacos ala @jenniepperson - delish dish 4 weight-watchers! http://t.co/y6k6ARD

From: Bea Basco of http://sunnydaysandsundaes.blogspot.com/2011/04/whats-in-lunchbox.html 

"DIMSUM ala Jenni Epperson!

I am an avid reader of Ms. Jenni Epperson's blog and a long time fan of her recipes.
I got so tempted to prepare her dimsum dish so this morning, I woke up extra early to prepare my own lunch which is none other than...DIMSUM! My first attempt in making Dimsum is okay but I undercooked the Dimsum wrapper but the taste is great! We loved it! J
Thank you Ms. Jenni for sharing this recipe."

Dear Bea,
Wow! Nice food shots! I'm glad you were to make dimsum on your first try! Bravo!

I will post more of your letters and recipes soon! Thank you so much for all the emails and Twitpics/Plixi/ Instagram/etc. food shots!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, you are amazing!


Kelly Chan said...

hahaha! i was hungry kasi that time. galing ako ng gym. hehehe.

aringkingking said...

you are so influential, hihi

Mom-Friday said...

Wow! So nice of you to share my TwitPic. I am about to blog about this recipe pa lang. :)
From time to time, when i need food and fashion tips and inspiration, I really go back and browse thru your blog posts...so I got to do the Tuna A'la King just recently and was a hit talaga! My muffin pan was full with 12 cups of wheat and white bread combo.
Thanks again and keep your creative juices flowing!

tantei♥amethyst said...

thank you for featuring me in your blog! Such a great honor ms. jenni <3

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