Monday, June 20, 2011

Meat Fest


Red is back in a big way. And I don't mean just the color but also the restaurant Red in Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

In my opinion, ever since Executive Chef Chris Romine left Makati Shangri-la, the quality of Red has suffered. I remember being disappointed with the food that my friends and I ordered when we had dinner at Red a few years ago.  The steaks were chewy and the food in general sucked, we barely ate them. Thank God the bubbly kept us in a good mood. Haha! We should've asked for our money back. There were several occasions too where Tom and I booked dinner at the resto and we were repeatedly let down by their food.

It's been quite a while since Tom and I have eaten at Red again. When my brother and his family visited us from New York last year, we thought of giving Red one last chance. We were pleasantly surprised that the food has improved, in fact it was exquisite.

Tom and I decide to celebrate our 16th year anniversary this year at Red. I'm glad we did because we had a grand time.

It's been over a month already since our dinner at Red so I forgot the names of the dishes we ordered. I do remember that the appetizer was enticing and what a beautiful presentation too! Although if I have to be meticulous, the fingerprints on the plate were kinda, ew.

My favorite lobster bisque with caviarrr!

I love this salad with pine nuts! I remember the dressing being light and tasty.

My sirloin steak was mouthwatering!

Tom's perfectly cooked tenderloin steak.

The potatoes were whipped to submission

Crunchy greens

Let's celebrate! I must point out though that my champagne was served cloudy. Oh well...

The dessert sounded better on the menu. It was something like banana ice cream with chocolate, chuchu...

Complementary chocolates

The attack of the giant dessert! Tom ordered the chocolate souffle. In the menu it reads "good for two", really? OMG, this could feed a village! The manager saw the horror in our faces and he was kind enough not to charge us for it. That was nice. I think, they should just scrap this on the menu or make a smaller version. In fact, may I suggest the chocolate Valrhona flourless cake with raspberry that Chef Chris used to make for the old Cheval Blanc?

Shoppingero/shopingera, visit Red now!

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