Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Luncheroo + Hairdo + Walkaroo


Here's a list of I.T shops that carry Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Best to call the shop to make sure they they have stock.


Day one in Hong Kong was all about shopping for the home, but I don't want to bore you with textile shots. I have to say though that after five years of looking for a particular print for curtains, I finally found it at IKEA!

KC and I are both doing home renovations/improvements and we're both building a collection of furniture for our abode. It's so nice to be with someone who appreciates shopping for tela! KC also showed me photos of chairs and tables she bought for her new pad, and all I can say is... Class.

I also realized that we were both goal-oriented especially when it comes to shopping. We have a general idea on what to buy and we focus on that. Once we're done with one task, we're quick to move on to the next. It's a "productive" way of shopping. So much so, that we were done buying homeware in 3 hours! It also helps that we were in an area where there are a lot of furniture shops.

Anyway, nakakagutom talagang magshopping! Haha! So, here's another food blog plus, a sneak peek of our loot for the day.

Lunch at I Thai
If you want good Western Thai food, KC and I suggest I Thai. The service is fast and efficient, good food, and it's located near all the cool shopping spots!
Lemon tea please.
The soft shell crab salad was delish! Two people can share this dish.
Broccoli and blossoms
Fish with chili. Not too spicy, just right.
Black Pepper prawns. Dala kayo ng toothbrush if you decide to order this dish. Haha!
I Thai, Shop 112-113, 1/F, New Town Plaza Phase 1, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin in Causeway Bay.

After lunch, we headed out to Fashion Walk and spotted a sales assistant with the coolest hair color!

KC: *whispering* "Check out the color of the guy's hair. Take a photo of him. Isn't the color unusual?"
Me: "Tinatamad ako." *LOL*
KC: "Fine. I'll take the photo!"
After we left the shop...
Me: "Babe, send me the photo of the guy with the silver gray hair, ha!"
KC: "Tinatamad ako." *LOL*

Silver gray haired SA. His hair color looks surreal in person.

Here's one of my "fun and function" finds in HK:

Table corner guards from IKEA
For household with babies and toddlers: babyproof sharp table corners using table corner guards. I found these super kyoot hand design corner guards for our dining table.
Excuse me for the low-res quality of the photo, I used my BB to take a photo the table guards I bought from IKEA. The kyoot corner guards gave our table character. The Epperson love it!

Because we finished early shopping for fabrics and home accessories, there was time to buy shoes!

This trip was all about shopping with an open mind (and stomach). Usually, Louboutin is always in the shopping list. This time, we didn't buy any. Instead, we bought shoes we can actually walk in.

KC hoarded Chucks!
I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in for more of our HK adventure and beyond!


April0584 said...

Tnx again for sharing this. So funny un "tinatamad ako"!

thea said...

Hi Ms. Jenni! Would like to know your fave shops in HK. Will be going there next month :) Love your HK posts btw.

alexa said...

hi jenni,

where can i find jeffrey campbell shoes in hk? the jc here in manila never gets to restock!


mitch_casas said...

love it. thanks for sharing. that's a nice colored hair. enjoy your trip. take care. :)

mia said...

hi. i'm also flying to hong kong in a couple of weeks. i've been trying to search on the internet where i can get Jeffrey Campbell's in Hong Kong. can you give an address where you got yours. it would really help. Big Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Are the chucks with chains from converse?

Anonymous said...

Love the Chucks with chains!!! Where did you get them? :)

lalaine said...

Love the Chucks with chains!!! Where'd you get them? :)

Anonymous said...

wow! love the chucks with the chains too! what model is it? hope you can share it with us :) ty! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! love the chucks with the chain laces on! what model is that and where did you get them? hope you can share it with us! ty ty in advance :)

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