Monday, February 7, 2011

Jennirosity Day! AVON makeup


Look what the generous peeps from AVON sent me!

Three bags of AVON goodies for three amazing readers! Woohoo!

Three amazing readers will get a chance an AVON goodie bag!

A friendly reminder: All comments (except evil ones) are welcome! The winning comments could be a witty remark, constructive criticism,  something funny, simple and sincere message or whatever that catches my attention. You can leave a comment on the comments box or on my Cbox Guestbook.

What's inside: Each bag contains four AVON Ultra Moisture Rich lipsticks, two Smooth Mineral eyeshadow, and True Color blush

How to join:

1. All you have to do is to leave a comment on any of my posts. You can also leave a message on my guest book (it's located on the side bar).
Important: You can leave a comment on ALL of my posts as long as there are no duplicates and only one comment on each post.
2.  For security reasons"Anonymous" comments are welcome but you must include your complete name and email address on each of your comment. Your message will be counted as long as there are no duplicates and one message per person only per post.
3. Even though the contest is open to everyone, I will only deliver (via Xend/Air21) the prizes to the Philippines. If you're from abroad, I can send it to your relatives/friends living in the country.

I will post the winners on Monday!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, keep your comments coming!


Prom O Addict said...

Hi i really love Avon products.I want to win this loot bag because there are lot of reasons of winning it!!!love it

shirleylim26 said...

I found your blog site very entertaining. I can relate to you actually because I'm also a mom and I'm very busy too. I just heard about your site last week of January and I think this blog must be followed by all moms like me because you always remind us on how to be the best mom and at same time stay pretty and stay in love with our hubbies. I also followed you in twitter by the way. Your tweets are also cute, you're very transparent, I like it. Continue to inspire us all and more power to you!


Anonymous said...


hey im such an Avon guy..i soo love their products. i ♥ Avo as much as i ♥ your blog. all ♥'s on your blog.

Marissa said...

Hi Jenni, was wondering where you get your hair cut? It looks very low maintenance.

Lady Stapler said...

Makeover approved!
Beautification commencing ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... *error
Supplies lacking !
AVON Loot Bag sighted !

*whimpers at laced bunny ears
Posh !

Anonymous said...

Avon products are really awesome...aside that they are's easy for u to use since they have the best and inpired people to help u find the right product for us!! Also, reading your blog and ur newspaper column is so helpful..You inspired me to be a true Fashion & Fitness Forward person!!

Anonymous said...

Good day ms. jenni!i'm a young male doctor, pediatrician at that.i really love your new blogsite. I joined this promo or contest so i can i give something as one of my presents this coming Valentine's day.She would love to have new set of make-up to use.
Happy valentine's day in advance.

Ronald E. Dangal

Miss Blue said...

Wow.. I really love this blog site.. I love reading your blog post especially those about healthy foods and healthy living. It is really good to share those things and ideas especially to women of all ages. Your site is very interesting! More power and God bless..


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog has made me head over heels in love with pretty tableware! I'm getting married in May and will be starting a family soon after that. When that happens, I wanna be an uber cool mom like you! :)

Keep up the fab blog!

Rae Ramos

Kish Flores said...

Hi Jennie! I just love your posts! They are all useful to me! I am now a month long successful in saying NO to pork and living a healthier life! You inspire me so much since you are a mom, a fashionista, a cook, a teacher and an inspiration to all moms who have been juggling all these things in a day!:) I have won 1 Avon lipstick already (ma-RT tweeps) but the loot bag is just so tempting! :) Hihi! Wil keep being ma-RT for you!

Much love,
Kish Flores

melanie said...

Hey jenni! I would like to tell you that your blog is an inspiration. I see to it that I am updated with your post. Being a mom of a teen, I can really relate well to your bonding moments. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for sharing your opinions and views on things. Because Im from Negros, I make sure that everytime I visit Manila, I go to shops where you had been before. I find your choices soo kyooot! I would always hope to see u in person & thank u for inspiring not only me but Im sure hundreds of modern women out there too..


faith02 said...

hi ms.jenni :)
I haven't read your blog for almost 5 days already and it was like so boring when i haven't read your posts...and then I saw this post and couldn't breathe! because your giving away so much NICE and loving stuff..not just stuff but MAKE-UP!!!! come on! who wouldn't want to win those loot bags?!?

(hehehe...hope I'm one of them:) )

thanks ms.jenni :)

and thanks to AVON :)

Esvimin Faelnar said...

Dear Miss Jenni,

I was happy to discover your blog!(^_^)
Honestly, thanks to Avon Phil.FB fan page, I saw their post about this contest/promo of u.
And upon searching and reading some of your post, I love this site!
Definitely a woman thing, a mother's place to visit and learn.

Mom blogs have replaced baby books and journals for many parents.
What I love in your topics is about the modern styles of being a modern mom!(",)

I want to be a modern mom too,
I am already your follower.

OH, this AVON gift packs will surely help me to be in and modern in style!(^_^)

Can this be a Wedding Anniversary gift for me? haha please? TY

More power to your Blog!

arlene168 said...

Cant help but to comment hahahha
first, i'd like to tell you that your honey-glazed chicken with veggies is my son's all time favorite. it was my first "yummy" dish that i cooked. i tried it because you said it was easy peasy hahha and voila! an instant hit! whenever i have surprise guest yun talga ang hinahanda ko! hahahha it inspired me to try cooking na. hahahha so now, im always checking your blog or more delicious and healthy recipes.

thanks for sharing the love!!! :))
you rock! more power!
oh, and did i say i want to win the loot? hehehe

arlene blanco

kate doloroso said...

yay! perfect loot bag for a make-up virgin like me. perfect loot bag for im-gonna-wear-make-up-to-office starter like me! <3

i'm a fan since multiply days. <3

kudos! said...

i want to give this loot bag to my mom if jenni pick me! seriously its fabulous like you jenni! :)

Anonymous said...

hi jenni.. its my first time to join an online contest and i'm hoping this simple things in life will bring joy to my sad/stressful state right now. i'll be honest in saying that i only came across your blog and have visited it 2-3x palang. ive been very busy with work and its only now that i got a breather from work and personal life. so you will not expect any palabok in my comment that your blog is awesome, etc. because i haven't read much yet but based on what i read before, its cool and i can definitely relate. i wouldnt want to detail here what my life is now and won't even make paawa just to win. i think its just a coincidence that i visited your blog today to get some entertainment and seeing your promo is an added bonus. i dont wear make-up because i dont have the right products and tools to do because they're expensive. so this is good timing as well. so i leave it up to you. airing my thoughts now has helped me at least take off the burden somehow. thanks for "listening".

jennifer s. chua

herroyalbleakness said...

still thinking of a way to get picked... why wasn't i born witty? i'll bribe my witty friends to create one for me so that i get a loot bag.... *evil laugh* 50/50 kami sa prize. 2 lipsticks, 1 mineral shadow, akin yung blush, sa kanya yung brush.

Bags said...

I love your super easy mechanics!!!

charisse said...

fashion, food and all that's in between...your new blog is really one good site to check out and read inspires me more to keep posting on my blog site too...

congrats and more power ^_^

carla charisse reyes

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi Marissa!

Henri Calayag cuts my hair. He's the best! Visit his salon ant Greenbelt, beside New World Hotel and across Sugi Japanese resto.

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