Monday, February 7, 2011

Balancing Family and Fashion: Carmina Sanchez-Jacob


While killing time at The Fort last week, I gave my friend Carmina Sanchez-Jacob a call and asked her if she could join me for coffee before I pick-up Aryanna. I'm glad she was free to hangout because this woman is so busy!

It took her a few minutes to meet-up with me and without any warning that I will be featuring her in my blog too, Carmina showed up fresh, polished, and stylish. Parang pinagplanuhan.

What's your job description?
Carmina: I'm a freelance Marketing Communications Consultant, owner of clothing label Poivre (available at The Ramp), and a new mom =)

What's a typical day for you? 
Carmina: I've tried to set some sort of system to my once very open-scheduled life since the start of the year... I really don't want to miss out on the little things that my baby learns and experiences everyday and I wanna maintain my sanity while I try to accomplish all my tasks.

My mornings start with a fresh cup of black coffee and go onto answering messages and making calls.  Then, I spend a bit of time fixing up the house which then leads to playtime with my baby boy Tyler (8 months old).  I lunch typically at noon at home with him if I have no meetings and spend the rest of the day taking care of my other work outside and doing all me other errands. Some nights are devoted to preparing a meal for my husband and more time with my baby but half of the week is spent mostly on more business meetings, dinners out and overseeing events at Seventh High where I'm now their MarCom consultant as well.   Some nights, when I get back from parties at Seventh High, I catch Tyler awake for his night time feed so I stay up until he goes back to bed.  It's always a full but fun day.

Carmina's style = Knitted dress + Eco bag + Nude ballet flats + Chloe plastic frame sunglasses + Megawatt jewelry + Polish hair style

Me: How do you balance family and fashion?
Carmina: I really don't like looking dowdy.  Even if I allow myself to be at home haha...  My style is built on a simple formula of basics with accessories and/or color so even when I was pregnant I had my Poivre factory make me some Jersey t-shirt dresses that took me thru all 9 months and even post-pregnancy.

Me: You seem to love jewelry, what do you look for when buying them?
Carmina: I'm all for pieces that I can really wear with many of my outfits since we all know jewelry costs a bit more than everything else that you have on.  I like them to compliment my personality which I feel is built more on classics with a twist.  Like my pair of Jewelmer South Sea pearls (which were my first pearl purchase many years ago when I worked for them.).  When you look at them their not your standard white and round ones. Their button shape and champagne in color which suits me more.

Me: What's your 9 to 5 and after 5 must-haves?
Carmina: For daytime: Tons of water to drink, lip balm, face powder with SPF and a good pair of shoes that I can use as I  run around...  Sunglasses, a lightweight bag and fresh-scented cologne complete my must-haves.

After 6: Just add sky-high heels, a stylish outfit that can take me thru any event and a smaller purse or clutch.

Me: Where do you shop?
Carmina: I shop everywhere and anytime.  In our line of work you always have to have something in your closet to pull out for whatever comes up.  I feel lucky cause I get to wear the sample and first edition stuff from Poivre which takes care of having to think of what to wear.  But for other stuff I shop anywhere from flea markets to upscale boutiques around the city and when I get to travel.  Shopping is a hobby.  I should have been a personal shopper or stylist cause I enjoy scouring the shops for great pieces and good finds.  Just like you!

Me: What's your beauty rituals?
Carmina: I'm addicted to everything from Ilog Maria.  Their glycerin soap and honey-propolis cleanser/moisturizer are my simple beauty ingredients. I also drink as much water as I can.  And walk around a lot when I have the chance around where I live for errands and even to meetings.

Me: What's in your bag?
Carmina: No new mom will survive without her WIPES and alcohol or alcogel.  And everything else that's in my organizer since I'm sort of a girl scout.  That means pocket tissues, IDs, pens, first aid meds, stain remover, a comb, lip balm, face powder, sunscreen, cologne, lotion, a beauty stash filled with concealer, mascara, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyelash curler, tweezers, small scissors, hair bands and bronzer (--for instant event preparation.) a USB stick, mints, mouthwash and a bag hook!

I've also learned to really love my android phone which helps me get to some instant emails in between all my other work.

Shoppingera, what's your 9 to 5 and after 5 must-have?


C h e l l o g s said...

Like Ms. Carmina I also have an 8 month old son. But that is where the similarity ends.

I work 9 to 5 which means I don't get to spend a lot of time with my baby. I feel a pang of guilt whenever I think about the times I've missed being with him. As it is, I try to make the most out of the time I could spare and just be the best mom I could be.

I can't help but wish I could also do work at home. But, alas! That is not to be(for now... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!).

Your article gave me something to aspire for. Maybe with a little imagination and a lot of saving up I could put up my own business, then I could have a more meaningful time with my family. =)

CarminaSJ said...

Hi Jen!

Thanks for asking me to do this =) I questioned why me when you asked remember? Now I totally get it.

Hi Chellogs!

I just wanted to touch base with you after reading your comment...

Believe it or not we have much more in common! It took a lot of tears and a total refocus of my mindset to get to where I am now. I still feel like I don't spend enough time with Tyler even though I'm physically at home more often only because on bad days he'll see me on the laptop or my phone as he plays on the floor or crawls around.

Like you I just make the most of every opportuniy to enjoy my baby. So good luck on all your future plans and hugs to your own 8-month old!


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