Monday, February 21, 2011

Girl meets boy


I feel that my style has evolved from girlie to boyish. It doesn't help that Mother Henri Calayag just gave me the shortest pixie cut I've ever had! My wardrobe these days consists of blazers, trousers, button-down shirts, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and tuxedo-style attires, so much so that my mini walk-in closet mimics Tom's! LOL

There was a time when I only wore cocktail dresses and skirts, but lately, menswear rules my wardrobe. I was thinking about how my attire has evolved from girl to boy style. Then, it hit me...

My new inspiration: Baby Dylan! *waves*

Please don't ask me where I got these photos because I don't know where I downloaded them from. Sorry. Here are some of my style inspirations:

Colored shorts + Black blazer + Boots + Hardware
Gray blazer + Black jeans + White button-down shirt + Sunglasses
Round neck tops + Trousers + Socks + Pointed pumps
Parka + Loose shirt + Khaki short + Wedge sandals
Tuxedo style jacket + Black pants + Patent pumps

In the end, I don't want to look like a boy. I like the comfort of menswear but a touch of femininity (like 6-inch platform shoes, haha!) is important to keep a balance.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, has your style evolved? Who inspires you?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this entry! Im n0t a girly type of pers0n but i like fashi0n. Love it!

Mom-Friday said...

You can pull off girly and boyish looks Jenni!
I miss my corporate chic look Before, I can wear blazers and trousers with heels and dark red lipsticks. Now that I work at home, it's more laid back and casual as my time now revolves around the kids' schedules.

Anonymous said...

hi Jen,

question, those sky high pumps, they keep falling off. I've used all kinds of inserts to the point that they're already uncomfortable (read: masikip)but they're still falling off. what can i do? I love how they look, but they're impossible to wear.


Nate said...

The first pic with the lady in the white dress shirt top with a jacket and red short is from Balenciaga current collection. =)

A said...

Hi! Its funny kasi recently I noticed that I, too, have developed a liking for men's clothes. Aside from being comfortable, they’re very good in concealing bulges pa! As we become wiser (euphemism for "older"), we learn that it’s not all about flaunting your curves every single time. I love the versatility of men's wear with a twist like a ferocious pair of heels, or a nice headpiece, a fabulous bag maybe? Or it can be the other way around, a pair of classic brogues with a flirty dress. Sigh. Think Katharine Hepburn. Sigh.
For WhiteChilli pala - I remedied that problem by going to a shoe repair shop and have straps made for the shoes, ala instant Mary Janes. =)

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