Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brunch: Dimsum Plus


For soshal authentic flavors of Cantonese cuisine the place to go to is the Shang Palace at Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

Shang Palace, Makati Shangri-la Hotel

It's is one of my favorite brunch places because of the Dim Sum Plus promo of the hotel. For P888+ per person (new price), you can eat unlimited dimsum++!

Tom surprised me with a lunch date at Shang Palace this week and I realized that this was the first time we ate together at the restaurant! I usually go with friends or with Aryanna because we have the capacity to stuff ourselves with Chinese food till we're blue in the face! Haha! Tom, on the other hand, is not pang-buffet—he only eats just enough to fill him up, never patayan. LOL

Anyway, I tried to order as many of my favorite dishes as I can without Tom giving me the evil eye. In the end, I'm glad I left the restaurant feeling full but not bloated.

The menu:

The table setting:


The secret to eating Chinese food and digesting it quickly is to only drink hot tea with your meal.
Appetizer: Sweet and spicy tofu cubes with shallots. OMG. I can eat a big bowl of this! I hope I'll be lucky in getting the recipe from the chef. Tom is pulling some strings for me. ;D
Soup: I ordered the hot and sour soup while Tom had the minced beef with cilantro. I wish I had his soup. I still prefer Luk Yuen's hot and sour soup.
Because I'm with Tom, I only ordered two steam baskets of dimsum (4 pcs/basket). We had hakaw and vegetable dimsum.
Listen up! You must order this! It's called the barbeque pork pie. It's barbeque pork with apples wrapped in puff pastry. It's not on the menu so you have to ask for it. They are still part of the Dim Sum Plus promo. So yummy!
I have to thank my "sister" Cindy Yang for introducing me to Shang Palace's X.O. Sauce! I cannot eat the barbeque pork pie without this condiment. You have to pay extra for this though.
Barbeque pork pie + X.O. Sauce = Heaven!
Glazed pork
With the Dim Sum Plus, you can order one main dish. I ordered the hot prawn salad. I love the crunchy pork stirred in cream and fruits.
Tom ordered the scallops with broccoli as his main dish. Warning: The serving is little so don't expect to share this dish. This dish is delicious, you might end up ordering extra.
Chandelier love

Visit Shang Palace now!

(63 2) 8138888/ 840 0884

Dim Sum Plus : 11:30am - 2:30pm, Mon - Sat, except holidays

Shoppingero/shoppingera, what's your favorite dimsum?


cherry said...

just recently discovered your new blog. love your photos...what camera do you use? thanks=)

arlene168 said...

waaaah!!! nakakagutom! yummyness!! :))

Lesley said...

i love dimsum at Gloria Maris in Greenhills :)

pinayadventurer said...

hi ms jenni-wat dgcam/phone u used to shot these?

Jenni Epperson said...

Hi "pinayadventurer"!

I used my husband's Canon G10.

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