Friday, February 25, 2011

Let there be light...and ensaymada


The nice thing about working with creative people in the industry is that they discover the coolest things.

I had the opportunity to work again with photographer Raymund Isaac and makeup artist Josa Quintas this week. It was so much fun catching up with each other. Ang dami kong "baon"! Haha!

It takes a makeup artist and a mom to discover something like this:

I have to thank makeup artist Josa Quintas for this fabulous Led Tec Torch rechargeable light!
This is great for makeup artists and women who loves to "retouch" their makeup! It's light, compact, rechargeable, and cheap! Moms should have one in their bag in case of emergencies and it's very useful when looking for gold (Haha) in your bag. Josa told me she paid less than P300 for this from ACE Hardware. Insane!
Rechargeable light

I think the ensaymadas are stalking me because I've encountered several variations of them in the last two weeks! LOL

Photographer Raymund Isaac is the culprit of my new cravings. Thanks to him, I've been having this sweet (and kyoot) bread together with my tea... Everyday! The flavors are light, cheesey and the texture is soft and creamy. It's like eating morsels of cheese and butter bombs! Haay!

Aristocrat mini ensaymada
Warning: Once you pop, you can't stop

Shoppingero/shoppingera, have you discovered a cool gadget lately? Please share.

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mom_xie said...

once u pop, u can't stop -- soo true.. melts in your mouth. yum! ;)

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