Monday, February 28, 2011

My favorite Oscar gowns


I will not let Anne Hathaway and James Franco's hosting of the Oscars ruin my day.  In my opinion, when it comes to hosting a show with this kind of magnitude, you gotta bring home the bacon, just like how Billy Crystal and Robin Williams did. Unfortunately, Anne and James brought home country sausage—cute, tasty but doesn't cut it for a big breakfast.

As a stylist, I look forward to all of the Red Carpet events in Hollywood because it's the only time when you can see how runway pieces transcend to (not-so) "real way."

In my opinion, if you want to look "perfect" on the Red Carpet, wear a strapless mermaid gown or a draped one-shoulder evening dress. The cuts are classic and flatter most figures. Then again, if you want to look iconic, one must push the fashion boundaries and wear something unexpected.

My favorite gowns at the Oscars are:

You need balls to wear an all-gold ensemble especially when you have blonde hair. Gwyneth Paltrow goes balls out with her fashion choice at the Oscars this year! I love that she wore a glamorous yet modern sparkly number from Calvin Klein. But the real fashion talent is in her choice of three-tone earrings, ring, and brooch (on hips). She is the epitome of cool in my books!
Cate Blanchet's Red Carpet choices are unexpected yet fabulous! It's avant garde at it's finest! I love that she wore a square-sleeved Givenchy dress in a sea of strapless and one-shoulder gowns! Bravo, Cate the Great!
God is in the details. Close-up of Cate's Givenchy S/S 2011 gown.
I love giant ball gowns in black!  They have that dark elegance to them. Camila Alves looks stunning in a low-cut ballgown and diamond studded accessories!

Age-appropriate dressing:

Helen Miren proves to us that you can grow old sexy and elegant. Her style defies the standards Hollywood hottie! I love the puff sleeves and monochromatic attire. Her haircut is chic and timeless too!

Mila Kunis rocks! Her gown choice tells us that she's young, fun, and "I'm-not-a-lesbian-like-my-character-in-the-Black Swan"! LOL. The lavender Elie Saab gown is feminine, sexy, and fabulous!
Haile Seinfeld is adorable! I love the blush-colored poufy tulle gown, gold clutch, and satin shoes! Best decision: bed head up-do accessorized with a thin hairband and light makeup.
Rachel Zoe trademark

A fit body is the best accessory:

From left: Jennifer Hudson looks fabulous and more confident than ever with her new fit body! Mandy Moore seems to be hitting the gym too because she looks statuesque in her beaded nude gown!

Talent + Preggy glow = Oscar winner!

Accessories make or break an outfit:

From left: Amy Adam's attire would have been in my best-dressed choice if not for the Cartier necklace she wore. I love the Dynasty blue beaded gown and emerald combo, but , in my opinion, a drop-earrings and the bracelet would have been better than the necklace and bracelet she wore. Hilary Swank should have worn a piece of understated jewelry. A diamond stud or a cocktail ring would have made her outfit iconic.

Pinoys at the Oscars:

Fil-Ams Stefanie Walmsley (in photo), Stephen Dypiangco, and Gigi Dement won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short for her movie "God of Love"! Congratulations!
Steph wore a Martin Bautista creation for the Oscars! Congratulations!

Shoppingera, who are your top three favorites at the Oscars?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I think Mila Kunis' dress is by Rodarte!?

Jenni Epperson said...

The 'Black Swan' costume is by Rodarte but her Oscar gown is by designer Elis Saab.

Jenni Epperson said...

Natalie Portman wore the Rodarte costume in Black swan.

duch said...

Haile Seinfeld's grandfather is Filipino. :)

joneline said...

OMG! Jennifer Hudson is so hot! she lost the weight and she's looking darn good! :D

Anonymous said...

I love Jennifer H and M. Moore's dresses! I love Mila's make-up!

pearls and green tea said...

Hi Jenni! I'm new to your blog. Love all your pics and I actually went to HS with Stefanie Walmsley in the Philippines! Her fb's been crazy with updates the week leading up to and the day of the awards. She's honestly such a sweetie and couldn't be happier for her!

Anonymous said...

Here's my take on the Oscars red carpet:

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