Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learn from top creative professionals


Remember one of my New Year's resolutions: "Learn something new"? This year, I'm going back to school. I hope to finalize everything by April. I've also been taking different workshops to enhance my skills. I believe that we should constantly sharpen our minds and surround ourselves with people who have the same thirst for knowledge.

This March, I'm also enrolling in two workshops that SoFA has organized. I hope to see some of you there!


Advance your skills and fashion knowledge. The School of Fashion & the Arts
invites you to meet, greet and learn from the country's top fashion experts and
celebrities through a rare series of 1-day lectures & workshops. Classes will be
conducted each Saturday from February to April. Get inspired as they reveal their tips,
trade secrets, and insider experiences from various fields of creative work such as
fashion design, photography, modeling, retail, events and styling.

Fashion Photography with RAYMUND ISAAC – Feb 26
Delve into the world of Fashion Photography through the eyes of noteable photographer
Raymund Isaac. Learn how he captures priceless and amazing images.

What you will learn:
-How to sell an image & present a product
-Photographic styles for makeup, styling & lighting
-Lighting techniques for Fashion
-Cheat Codes for Pictorials
-Actual Shoot Demonstration
-Formulas for shooting fashion

Preparing for a Photoshoot with MARINA BENIPAYO – March 5
Acclaimed professional model, Marina Benipayo shares her secrets to success and how
she continues to be one of the country’s most sought after fashion models.

What you will learn:
-How to internalize before a shoot
-Do’s and Don’ts in photoshoots
-Model’s Emergency kit: basic necessities in your bag
-Preparing poses for your body & face type
-Understanding photographer’s directions
-Working with clients and responding to their requirements

Enter the World of Fashion Design with DONG OMAGA-DIAZ – March 12
Fashion & Design Council of the Philippines (FDCP) former President, Dong Omaga-
Diaz gives you access into his world. Find out if you have what it takes to be a fashion
designer and learn about the creative design process.

What you will learn:
-Conceptualizing and sourcing for design inspiration
-From inspiration to materials sourcing
-Translating your inspiration to an actual collection
-The Role of Fashion Shows and Advertising
-Who’s who in the world of Philippine Fashion

Developing a Fashion Brand with RONALD PINEDA OF F&H – March 19
Yearning to start your own brand? Learn from the founder and president of Folded &
Hung as he shares trade secrets and helpful tips to be a successful fashion retailer.

What you will learn:
-Strategies on building a fashion brand
-Grow your bazaar/tiangge brand to a wide scale mass retail label.
-First hand advice and experience on what made the F&H brand
-Advice & trade secrets of fashion retail
-Insights on the current state of the Phil. Retail Landscape

I want to attend my friends, Robby's and Ronald's classes. I know I'm going to learn a lot from them.

Creative Idea Conceptualization with ROBBY CARMONA – March 26
Visionary fashion & event director Robby Carmona gives you a peek into his creative
process. Squeeze out those creative, unique fashion juices to hone your thought
patterns and stimulate new perspectives.

What you will learn:
-Concretizing your big idea
-Mind Mapping and Visioning Exercises
-Learn to brainstorm and motivate your team
-Extract new & forward perspectives
-Thinking out of the box and producing results

Celebrity Fashion Styling with ALYANNA MARTINEZ – April 9
Have a glimpse of the Celebrity Fashion Stylist’s life. Learn first hand from Alyanna
Martinez stylist to stars such as Ruffa Gutierrez, Miriam Quiambao, Maricar Reyes,
Solenn Heusaff & more. Find out how to be a stylist yourself and gain inside access to
the secrets of the trade.

What you will learn:
-Jumpstart your styling career
-Different styling job opportunities
-Building a strong portfolio to win the job
-PR skills to bag a client
-Various styling techniques and secrets
-Plus option to join a 1-day internship with an actual photoshoot

Jewelry Design with CANDY DIZON– April 16
Introduce yourself to the dazzling world of jewelry from one of the country’s premiere
jewelers Candy Dizon of Jul B. Dizon in this rare opportunity. Their pieces have adorned
countless celebrities and magazine covers such as Kris Aquino and Lucy Torres-
Gomez. Educate yourself with the basic principles of jewelry design and the production
process. See if you have what it takes to be a jewelry designer.

What you will learn:
-The difference between precious, semiprecious and costume jewelry
-Where to source for stones and precious metals
-Kinds of stones and metals
-An overview of the Philippine Jewelry Industry
-Basic design tools and principles
-Collection Development
-Jewelry production process

Participation Fee: P1,750 inclusive of materials and official SoFA certificate signed by guest mentor.
Discounts offered if you enroll in multiple classes.
Limited seats only. Reserve now!

For more information, please call SoFA at 8928807 loc 103/4, 09175018136 or email info@sofamanila.com.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who wants to learn something new?


Jennifer Dizon said...

Hi Jenni!

I called Sofa and inquired about the Jewelry Design Capsule... I think it's probably just a typo on your part. It's on April 16 (Sat) not April 26 as posted on your blog. Just to let you know so you can change it. :)

Jenni Epperson said...

Thanks for the correction. I just copy/pasted what was emailed to me. It's April 26 too on the poster.

Amina said...

Hey Jenni! its a TYPO on our part. I emailed you a follow up email that we made a mistake with date.

Jewelry Design is on APRIL 16 :)

Sorry about that!

Maebelle said...

hi ms. jenni! i've been calling SoFA since yesterday but nobody's picking the phone ;( would u know any other way to reach them?

im interested to sign up for robby carmona's class. just wondering if he'll just share about creative ideas conceptualization in fashion or in general?


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