Monday, February 14, 2011

Last minute Valentine's Day gifts


So, you did not prepare for Valentine's Day or the pressure of the holiday hoopla from Twitter friends and bloggers, like me, finally cracked you... You need a Valentine's Day gift fast!

If money's tight, always remember that it's the little things that count. Here are my suggestions for all sexes:

1. Cook something special but easy so that you have less time to stress about it and more time to enjoy the company of your loved one. May I suggest:

Brown butter pasta

Browned butter – often called buerre noisette – has been used in gourmet cooking 
for years. It is one the easiest dish to cook yet has a gourmet flavor to it. 

Ingredients: Pasta, of choice; 4 tbsp butter (I suggest, salted butter); 1/2 lemon, juiced; 1/4 cup, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano; Parsley for garnish
    Directions: While your pasta cooks, melt butter in a saute pan and continue cooking until golden brown color ("noisette") appears in the thinnest liquid of the butter. Add lemon juice and set aside. Drain the pasta, but leaving some cooking water, and gently pour into saute pan and return to heat. Add the cheese, toss to coat and serve immediately. Garnish with parsley.

    2. Remember mix tapes? Imagine how delighted you would be if your loved one took the time to make a CD or an iPod playlist just for you!

    Ang swerte lang ng mga may DJ na boyfriend....and that means you, Pam Quiñones! ;D

    3. Write a love letter. If you can't compose a poem, borrow from experts: William Shakespeare, John Keats, Lord Byron, Edgar Allan Poe, Eugine Fields, etc. It's one of the most meaningful gestures you can give your loved one and it's virtually free!

    4. DVD date complete with cheese popcorn and white wine—best combo!

    5. I asked my husband what would men like to receive on Valentine's Day that doesn't cost anything? His response was, "A little extra kindness and of course, a little sex doesn't hurt (for married couples)." Hahahahahaha! Bravo, hun!

    'From Here to Eternity', 1935

    6. Tom in return asked me the same question and my answer was, "Basic common courtesy and chivalry... And world peace." Di baaa?

    7. A promise to your loved one and keeping it.

    8. For single peeps, hanging out with friends and family is always better than being on a date with someone you aren't interested in. Keep in mind that the best person to love is yourself. Make yourself feel special today and celebrate YOU!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Shoppingero/shoppingera, let's celebrate love!


    Dee said...

    Awww. I feel kilig, my twitter suggestion on romantic poems made it to your blog. Happy Valentine's Day, Jenni! Celebrating love today with a dinner date with the people I love most - my dear family!

    Trina said...

    Ever since we got together, my fiance and I either celebrate Valentine's Day before or after the 14th. This year, we decided not to do our usual Valentine's celebration since we're still saving up for the wedding in April.

    Yesterday afternoon, as we were driving back to my place (to avoid the hellish traffic!), my fiance told me "To be different this year, my Valentine's gift for you is a promise to be more patient on the road. Less road rage."

    =D That has to be the best Valentine's gift he ever gave me! We always get into an argument kasi whenever he gets road rage.

    In return, I'm going to cook a pasta dish for him today! Yay!

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