Sunday, February 20, 2011



If you like "smoky eyes" like I do, then this is the makeup we should all be rocking this summer:

Unleash your curiosity and indulge in inimitable, mysterious beauty by nature...

Shu Uemura presents...

"Morphorium" - metamorphose yourself with the mesmerizing glory of nature, just like a mysterious morpho butterfly landing softly onto your shoulder

Eye & Cheek Palette – Limited Edition
  • Sunset Gold Palette – peach blush, brown and bronzy eyeshadow colors
  • Blue Butterfly Wings / Metamorphosis Blue Palette – bright blue, deep purple, yellow and brown shades


Eye Shadow Powder – Pigment- 1.5 g – Limited Edition in Malachite Green (Aqua Green)


Colorless Lipstick – 3.7 g – Limited Edition, PK 343 – pink


Morphorium eye makeup is the summer version of "smoky eyes"!

I love the pumipeacock palette! Di baaa?

Nail Polish – 10 ml — Limited edition
Available in 2 shades: Sapphire Amazon (shimmery turquoise) and Orange Mining Congo (shiny tangerine)

The Morphorium collection is limited edition so madaling magkakaubusan! Run, don't walk! Visit Shu Uemura at Rustan's Makati, Shangri-la Mall, and Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

Shoppingera, does your makeup change along with the seasons?


lostsoulinmanila said...

Wow! Love the colors/palette. Perfect for summer! :)

Kelly Chan said...

gandaaah!!! do they teach you sa rustan's how to put on the make-up to acieve this look? i wanna go to shangri-la mall na! :)

Trina said...

Ms. J! The colors are ah-mazing! I'm more of the neutral shades kind of girl when it comes to make up. I love taupe shades. The most color I've worn are soft pink and peach.

When will I have the courage kaya to rock peacock-ish shades? This summer kaya? Haha =)

Have a good day, Ms. J!

plengxvi said...

AMAZING!! Now if only i know how to put on eyeshadow. :(

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